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Red spots on head of penis....help

It started about 3 or 4 months ago. This red spot, not very large, popped up one day on the right side of my penis on the glans. It wasn't raised, never itched, and had no fluid, and I thought it was just a skin tag or something. It lies under the skin. It has stuck around for months without ever changing shape or size. Well I started taking sulfamethoxazole for a UTI about a week and a half ago and last night after taking a **** I noticed 3 more red spots. All about the size of a pin head around the same spot that was there initially. Coincidence? I'm thinking not, but I'm no doctor. It seems these new ones popped up out of nowhere. Once again, no itching, no fluid, no pain. However one of them seems to be raised a little. Enough to make me question if it is in fact technically raised, but it's hard to really tell. I'm kind of worried, but I'm hoping it's a bacterial infection that I've had for a while, and now it's finally starting to grow from the medication I'm taking. Any help is appreciated. I just don't have insurance right now, so these doctor visits are killing me.
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Have you considered speaking with a dermatologist about this? Another idea would be to look into any free/low cost health clinics in your area that offer services for men. Meanwhile, you might want to look up photos of balanitis, lichen nitidus, and angiokeratoma (or benign cutaneous lesion of capillaries) to see if  any of those resemble what you're experiencing.
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None of which you described looks anything like what I have. It's pretty subtle, not as malicious looking as one might think, but enough to make me think, "this isn't right." I believe it's just time to go see my doctor again. Thank you for your reply!
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