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What can cause multiple pre-climax ejaculations as well as difficulty urinating?

For several years had issue with needing to pee when sexually stimulated, it's gotten worse recently. If I proceed in going to pee I lose the erection, If I don't concede and push through the sensation, the need to go gets worse and worse. Thankfully not to the extend of losing control and urinating. allowing me to continue until climax. When the problem got to this point, initially upon reaching orgasm. I ejaculated a weird mixture of both urine and semen. Shortly there after it got worse still in that the sensation of having to pee got so bad I was at the stage of near loss of bladder control. I literally got to the point of having to go immediately, which then caused the loss of erection and leaving me with the  inability to orgasm. Just recently I made the decision whilst showering to push through what may pass and try to be able to hopefully reach an orgasm regardless. I proceeded as planned. When I got to the point of expected loss of bladder control, I didn't hold back but I didn't urinate as expected, I ejaculated, However I didn't orgasm. Not only that I found having not orgasmed it was infact able to carry on my activity. So I did, I carried on again hoping to climax, unfortunately the sensation to pee returned, which led on to the same thing happening again. Again still being able to carry on, so again I did and the same again. All in all I ejaculated 4 times before reaching climax. Since then I have been unable to climax without first having to ejaculate between 4 - 6 times. Since this whole ejaculation issue started I also be hampered by the problem of having difficulty urinating. I really have to go, so I do, but then It just doesn't want to come out. There seems to be nothing I can do to initiate the flow to start. It just does when it does. When it does start, it goes for a long time. I think I produce twice if not 3 times the amount per toilet visit that I used to. Because of this difficulty it can sometimes it can take 5-10mins to and sometimes even longer to complete a single toilet visit. Any ideas what this is all about ?
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Well, don't know for sure, but could possibly be prostate-related. I think your best bet is to see your regular Dr. first - I know it can be embarrassing trying to discuss such things w/ your Dr., but #1, they need to know actual facts in order to treat you, so holding back info will not help. #2, most Dr's nowadays are aware that pretty close to 100% of guys masturbate, do not consider it anything but 100% normal, are not shocked by it & know that it's not harmful & can even be a healthy activity. Also, you wouldn't necessarily have to say it's from masturbation, you could just say whenever you engage in sexual activity, this is what happens. It's also possible there's a defect in the way the little sphincter valve that controls urination & ejaculation is operating - normally that closes off during ejaculation so you won't urinate. If you regular Dr. isn't able to help, see a Urologist - they specialize in all sorts of urinary & sexual problems, and since this seems to be connected to both areas, I think that might be the best way to go. Good luck & hope you find a solution...
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Thanks for responding. Just wanted to add its not only when masturbating (i think) when this started and was soley just the urge to urinate, it happened during sex also. Obviously as it is right now, I'm not engaging in sex as its a little too embarrassing. I have disclosed a bit to my Dr but not the whole story yet. My last prostate exam showed no signs of anything untoward and I also recently had a colonoscopy which seemed clear also.
Have you seen a Urologist? I'm thinking if the prostate isn't the issue, it's possible the urinary sphincter is not functioning quite right. A specialist in the area of male urination & sexual function (Urologist) may have a better shot at diagnosing this...
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