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Why am I in so much pain?!

I just recently got a new boyfriend and we have been having sex for about a month now. we have very rough sex and sometimes I am a little dry. I sometimes get cuts and am a little sore for a day or two. we had rough sex 5 days ago and I still havent healed. It hurts to pee, to wipe, to walk, it just constantly burns. I have white lotion like discharge and its very itchy. the lymph node in my groin on my right side is swollen like a marble. the very bottom of my vagina is so swollen and red. could this be something more serious then just rough sex??
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It sounds like you have an infection. Possibly a yeast infection so you really should see your Dr.
It's not a good idea to be dry while having sex because this can cause small tears and infections. I recommend a water based lubricant. You can buy this at any drug store.
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if it is a yeast infection it will be my fourth one since august. Including having oral thrush. is there any reason I keep getting a yeast infection?
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Yes, the reason could be that you're having rough sex and you're dry. It can disrupt the natural PH balance of your vagina.
Is your boyfriend getting treated along with you? If not, the 2 of you could be passing it back and forth through intercourse and oral sex. I recommend that you both see a Dr for testing to see if this is what's going on. If so, use condoms until the treatment is finished.
Try using the water based lubricant I mentioned before. It will really help with the dryness.
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Not only have you a fungal infection, more likely to be Thrush with you having a white discharge (Thrush can also just cause just soreness and itching), but it is highly likely that you also have Cystitis (inflammation and infection of the bladder)

You will require an antibiotic from the doctor for this and a medication to treat the fungal infection when you have finished the course of antibiotics.  They doctor may prescribe a cream and a pessary for this.  Your doctor is likely to get the nurse to take a swab to send to the laboratory to identify the bacteria/fungus.  You boyfriend will need to be treated too at the same time.  

Men do not always show signs of a fungal infection, but can still spread it to the female.  

It is very common to get Cystitis (bladder infection) from rampant sex.  It is sometimes referred to as the "Honeymoon Syndrome".

To help yourself at home before you get an appointment with your doctor, drink plenty of water.  You can add a teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda to a glassful of water and drink this.  You can do this 3 times with an hour in between each dose.  This will help to neutralise the acidic urine that is causing the burning sensations when you urinate and the discomfort in the lower belly (this will be pressure from the inflamed bladder).  It is very common for women to get this because we have a shorter urethra that germs can enter quite easily.  Always wipe your bottom from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria.  Make sure too that your boyfriend has clean washed hands before touching your female bits.

As remar points out, do use a good lubricant on yourself and on your boyfriend, you can apply this to each other.  Men can be dry too.  There are different ones available and you can also get a minty one that gives more stimulation as well as lubrication.

If you have had little cuts, be aware that bacteria can enter through the broken skin which could cause cellulitis which is an infection in the deeper layers of the skin.  This is extremely painful.

Do not use normal soaps to wash down below because this damages and dries the skin.  You can use soaps with a pH that are suitable for our skin and baby washes should be fine too.  Don't use perfumed soaps.

Another good home remedy is to apply natural set yogurt to your cleaned and dried genital area.  This will cool down the inflamed skin and help to lessen the intense burning and itching as well as having the good bacteria to help rid the fungus.

Don't wear tight clothes and tights and only wear cotton underwear.

Thrush loves sweet, so if you do have a sweet tooth, try and cut down, that incudes avoiding fizzy drinks as well as the cakes and biscuits etc.

You can purchase, without a prescription from the pharmacy, antifungal creams and pessary specifically for use on the genitals.  There is also a one dose oral capsule call Fluconazole that can also be purchased without a prescription from the pharmacy.

My advice is for you to see your doctor to get your urine tested for any urinary infection like Cystitis as well having a swab taken to identify the bacteria/fungus that is causing the discharge.  The doctor will then be able to give you the correct medicines.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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