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Wife's Sexual Behavior. is it normal

i'm new to this forum and have an embarrassing question. And YES, this is a true concern of mine. i'm a 49 year old man and my wife is 47, we have been married for 29 years. and happy for the most part, i did have an affair about 7 years ago, whick she foregave me for,( at least thats what she says), i question is lately she in bed when she scoots down to give me oral, she always goes lower down. and puts her tongue in my rear (for lack of a better word),  i am kinda old fashioned, and the first time she did it, it took me by surprise.  but it did feel good, which kinda made me worry at first.  the problem is this really turns her on.  its seems the more she does it, the more she gets turn on until she gets herself off while doing this to me. my question is i dont understand how a woman can get turned on by doing this? cause im not doing anything to her while she is doing this.....Is this Normal? do women get turned on while they are licking a man down there. because sometimes she doesnt even touch my penis. i have to masterbate myself while she is tonging me........i know i shouldnt complain, but thoughts run through my mind like: is she pretending to be giving oral to another women? i'm confused, because she had NEVER did that in the previous 28 years of marriage.............i'm i reading too much into this??????
Folks please this is a serious concern of mine........THIS IS NOT SOMETHING IM JUST MAKING UP.
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It could be that she is really trying to please you because of the affair. What she's doing may not be safe though because of bacteria.
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Hi David, Yes quit strang for it to suddenly start to happen, but she could have been reading about it as a part of foreplay, do you think that she is waiting for you to return the favour, look as long as your both clean when doing it thing should be ok, but no snogging after it, and after you should both wash your mouths out with a mouth wash.
Look an idea you could do it both ways in the 69 postion, but dont go to oral on her if you have benn rimming her, rimming is what its called.
Good Luck
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thank you for your [email protected]: i have tried returning the favor but she always tells me no.....
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Hi David, you amaze me, she said no, then I dont know what her problem with that would be, most women love things to be 50/50, well the why she is doing it just give her oral, theres not many women how say no to that then.
Good Luck
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Maybe she is trying to please you an keep things interesting..after an affair theres an anxiety that most people have which is the fear of the other person not being happy enough or satisfied...do u tell your wife often she is attractive an that you are happy/satisfied ??..sounds to me like she is trying to keep u from straying again ..
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