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hurt myself from masterbation???

Hi i am a 25 year old male. I have two young kids and with the love of my life. I am hoping somebody can help me?? My question or concern is that about three days ago i noticed that when i urinated it basically hurt to go and i could feel it a bit in my scrotum...Sometimes even my erection hurts a bit or wearing tight boxers...The first thing i thought was UTI but i have no other symptoms. I dont have to urinate alot or when i do have to, i am able to go.. so in other words ive been urniating just as many times as i would normally...i dont have any discharge or funny smell. i dont see any signs of swollen or red area around the top of my penis. Its basically all inside i think??... I ve been with my wife for 9 years, i would almost have to rule out STDs???.. and we havent been sexually active in awhile due to her own personal reasons(and i am ok with that)... BUT because of  non sexual activity i have been looking at porn online and masterbating more than normal.. Its not 2-3 times a day or every single day but more than my normal... i dont use any luberication because i like the feel of all natural. And when i was a teenager i would use different objects to stroke my penis for pleasure(i dont do that anymore).. So my only guess is, from when i was a teenager untill now, i must have worn down the inside and possibly the outside of my penis??...My pain just feels like its raw basically like ive had wild sex for like 3 hours ..There is always the debate of "is masterbating healthy?" and i think it is..but in moderation... If anybody could help me out, i would really be happy about it, cause i am worried and hoping this will just pass in a few weeks..
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nothing wrong with masturbating, give it a few more days and if it's still a problem then go see the Urologist
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oh i think masterbation is great. Even though people will argue with me on this, but i think masterbation to much can irritate your penis epecially if you dont give it time to rest... just like any frequent rubbing or grinding something, over time it will ware down.. take a piece of sandpaper to something, keep rubbing  and rubbing, eventually it ware away. I know its a silly comparison but rub your arm or penis to much and it eventually will cause irritation..Anyways i am no doctor, i am only assuming that my problem is from masterbating.. Any other suggestions i would love to hear
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I have sex or masturbate just about every day and never had this problem. like I said give it a bit longer and if not better see your Urologist
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well i guess i am just the only f*cked  up guy out there
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