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need ur advice

hie  it's me Priyanka singh 18yrs old  i  am in love with a boy  we are very close to each other we love each other  very much  n my boy friend and me decided to get physical  on 24th of this month but unfortunately  my Periods r starting  from tomorrow n i want to do tht  i don't want  to broke his  heart n i also  don want to miss the chance ........ n i  m concerned about my  health  will it effect to my health????
n we will be getting  married when i will complete  my Graduation .........

I want your Advice  shall i go ahead with our decision or what should i do  plz  tell  me  ..........
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This is your personal matter. you should decide about it yourself. No one can know your situation .Community members do not know you personally. Hence you must decide yourself.
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I don't think this is the right time to have your first time.  It is likely to make you feel self-conscious and distracted.  The first time is not likely to be a great experience physically.  It will get better as you get older and start to understand it better and relax.  I suspect you have selected this date because it is a rare opportunity for privacy.  I hope this boy truly has feelings for you, rather than just an interest in having this experience with any cooperative woman.  You really have to look out for yourself.  Most women are very emotional about sex, where men's feelings are usually not as developed at this age.  Do what is right for you, and if the timing is wrong, gently let him know the timing is unfortunate and it won't work for you.  How he responds will tell you a lot about his character.  
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Caryopteris has given you correct advice. 24th of October has already passed. What happened? If it is not materialized, heed the advice of Caryopteris.
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