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Income for single moms

What type of careers/ jobs do any of you single parents have?  I am a single mom of an adorable 8 mos old, I am currently a waitress but want to have a better job and steady income for us. I want to go back to school but I can't imagine how!!  Any suggestions? I'd just like to hear how other single moms make a living and support their children.
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I go back to work in June. I currently work retail Anand its horrible. Not a job I want while raising my daughter. I am trying to get my teaching credential back. Better hours and I'm off in the evenings.
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You might also find some jobs that you can do online. That way you won't need to hire a sitter and you'd be able to be with your child all the time.
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You can always go back to school. Its not impossible and its never too late. Just a lot of extra work and considerations. I'm pregnant with my first(37weeks) and thought it would impossible for me to finish school but I decided to stay. I'm in summer classes now and registered for fall. I'll be taking spring classes as well and graduating in May.
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The reality of being a single mama is that you have to work so hard.  It stinks but is doable.  There are programs that don't take very long to complete and are excellent jobs.  An example is paralegal.  This is done in about a year and a half, costs 6,000 but there are so many grant programs that many can have it completely paid for through a grant with no out of pocket.  The credit hours are not much (which means you can do it even quicker than a year and a half) and the jobs are numerous for this degree.  And the pay?  Awesome.  Then you'd have a regular job with work hours of say 8 to 5 and make 40,000 to 60,000 a year easily.  

Working from home is unrealistic to make a decent income.  And my friends that just do it to earn supplemental income to their husbands tell me that having kids at home while they work means they really aren't working.  They can't focus because taking care of a child is really a full time job with a lot of attention needed for them.  

Just food for thought.  

I think working few hours is hard when you have kids and need to support yourself so I'd pick something you can have set hours which is much easier for childcare and keeping a stable routine and a good income.  good luck
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