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Can you help me diagnose my sinus condition

Hello. I am a 27 yo male. I live in Eastern Oklahoma. I have been a smoker for 8 years. Besides my current issue I have always been very healthy and felt great. I am on no medication and have never been diagnosed with any condition.

My medical issue is undiagnosed but has been affecting me coming up on 18 months.

I seem to have sinus issues that started as a congested nose and since has evolved into a congested nose and congested ears and head "fullness". There was also a period of about a month where I developed a "crust" in one side of my nostril (left), but went away on its own. It is really burdensome in the way that it deenergizes me on a daily basis. I am lethargic often which is just not how I used to feel.

I am hoping someone on here can give me insight into what might be ailing me. I am nervous to go to the Dr. and get prescribed antibiotics which I have heard can worsen the condition.

Things I have done already to improve the issue: stay hydrated, saline nasal irrigations, apple cider vinegar drinks, essential oil aromatherapy, sinus accupressure massage, and Xlear sinus spray.

Things I have continued to do also: smoke tobacco, drink coffee, occasionally eat inflammatory foods such as fried food and soda.

Any thoughts would be most helpful. Thank you.
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Hello~Your symptoms sound like a type of allergy to me. I suggest seeing an allergist and having some tests run to see if you have any environmental or even food allergies. I would also cut back or stop smoking all together as well as the coffee and fried foods and sugar, all these can lead to allergies and immune compromises.
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