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Nasal Polyps and Loss of Smell (Anosmia)

Hi All, Please help with your suggestions and experiences. I am trying to help my husband with his nasal polyp situation. He has had them for about 10 years, 5 years ago he had the surgery to remove them, but they came back. He has lost his sense of smell, however, it does come back if he ever has to take steroids...which we try to avoid for side effect reasons.

Anyone have any suggestions with home or natural remedies that they have tried? He is already on the nasal steroidal sprays, but they do not help the polyp situation, he has to continue to take them for the seasonal allergy asthma which also causes him to have wheezing in chest.

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How is your husband? What other symptoms are present? It is recommended to take the medication as prescribed. You can also try complementary and alternative therapies such as acupuncture. Removing the polyps with surgery usually makes it easier to breathe through the nose.  However, over time, nasal polyps may indeed return. Reduced or lost sense of smell does not always improve following treatment with medicines or surgery.  It is best that you talk to your doctor or ENT about this for proper management. Hope this helps. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Thank you for your reply. He continues to take the meds required to stop the chest wheezing. We know his polyps have come back, but he can breathe through his nose, it is just that his sense of smell does not return without steroids. We have not tried acupuncture. At this time, I have had him stop all dairy foods, and just started him on zinc and selenium supplements. By next week, I will start him on castor oil drops in the nose. We are trying to take it slow, and as non-invasive as possible.
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We have the two things you write about in common. Blisters on feet and a husband with nasal polyps. My husband being too darn typical went for years without seeking medical attention for his ever growing breathing troubles. We moved to a "high allergy town" 9 years ago. He never had lived in a place like this before so I believe the area set him in this spiral. He was rushed to the ER after 6 years in this town for the inability to breath. This was at the height of N1H1 outbreak so they had him quarantined at the hosp for 3 days. It was NOT found to be N1H1.They looked everywhere and did every test they could think of. Baffled by his condition. He was released. 4 months later ER again, same thing. Breathing treatment and he is on his own. He works in construction so "outside" is his place of work. I suggested he go see an ENT our son used for tubes when he was young he agreed!!. This doc found within the first 2 mins. in the chair that my husband was PacKED with Polyps in his nasal sinus openings. After the surgery it was found to be over 90% was full of puss filled polyps. All were removed and what a relief he felt for a while. They are back. We have lost insurance for a few years so him going to the doc had waned a bit. We went to the same ENT a few years later and even with NO insurance he still saw us and just charged us an AWESOME rate for payment. Steroid shots were given but he can not be tested to see what allergies he has until 6 months after a steroid shot. His need to breathe was keeping him on the shots too often.
We are still without Rx Coverage and the Meds (Symbacort and Nasonex) are running us $474.00 a month. But he can breath. I would like to find a cure for this too. Thank you for your post. I am in Northern California. agricultural area of the State. We are not farmers but might as well be it is in the air.
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Ibuprofen is a leading cause of polyps in the sinuses. I have had two major surgeries to remove the polyps. Don't use nasal sprays.  Salt water and little baking soda in an old nasal spray bottle. As much salt as can handle. Sinus rinse only when you can breathe freely through both nostrils. No cure just maintenance
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