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Sinusitis and off balance

Hi 3 months ago while walking i suddenly felt off balance. After 3/4 trips to doctors and blood test and brain scan i was told i had chronic sinusitis. Can this cause balance problems? The feeling of off balance increases when in bright shops. Anyone have this experience
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Yes, I feel off balance most of the time.  It is a very unpleasant feeling as you know.  My ent doc says I have polyps, deviated septum and a bone spur but surgery is questionable.  I wish I could give you some advice but nothing seems to help me very much.  I am going to see a different ent soon.  good luck
I have had cronic full time sinus infections for a ng time. Been on antidiotics for 8 months and still not fixed. My balance is no good going down steps n i have to hold something to even get off a chair. This has only been happening since my infections started. Any answers plez
How's you feeling now.. Hope that is better
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i have nasal allergies and for the last week i have been really dizzy and whatever i eat it comes back. My stomach is sore to the touch and no appetite. as much as i love coffee, tea and other things i can not eat or drink them because they make me sick. i am already taking allegra and singulair and using astelin. what else do i need to take?
How are you doing with symptoms now
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Oh yes, when my sinus's get severely inflammed the pain is awful, it goes all around my eyes and down into my ears and then I am in big trouble.  I get off balance and then I get nauseous, basically I'm in a state of permanent motion sickness.   Its an AWFUL feeling for sure.  I've tried all allergy meds, found that straight sudafed and advil seems to help along with antibiotics.  I've had a CT scan of my sinus area and face and I have no blockages, no narrowing, nothing.   The antibiotics do seem to help me alot though I have heard many don't get much relief.  I also use some steriod nasal sprays and a neti pot, but again,  its all hit or miss for the most part .  This all usually happens during the fall months as I do have allergies to weeds and mold.  When I get REALLY bad I can't even drive and I just go to bed, take my meds,  and knock myself with a anti nausea pill and after 10-12 hours I am usually on the mend, though the pain lasts a food 3-5 days.   I find it a shorter duration WITH the antibiotics verses not.  Many drs don't like to prescribe antibiotics for this condition as they feel it doesn't really help.  It does help me .
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That just started for me two weeks back. My cheeks are swollen and red as well.
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I am being treated for sinus infection cause of pain; pressure, vision  problems like eyelid gland dysfunction with swelling; balance  problems really bad .I feel like I am bobbing or in a boat rocking back and forth.  Also  describe that I am on a small trampoline and feel like falling.  Have fallen 20+ times in the past year. Got a pain pump put in over a year ago; I was blaming symptoms on the pump until a few u ago. Seeing  ENT tomorrow.  I expect all are related  Hope for help. Surgery to remove pump and spinal stimulator  on December 17.  I am in a lot of pain!
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