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Skin hurts

On the left side of my back and on my stomach, my skin hurts.
Last night it was just a bit on my back but when I woke up my stomach to was hurting.
The brush of my clothing hurts, and when I touch it I feel like it's raw.

It is not red, nor is dry. My skin is quiet pale and I do have poor blood circulation.
I have had many sunburns ones that lasted for weeks in pain.
I have no idea whats wrong, but it does not stop hurting and I swear it feels worse now then an hour ago but that just could be because I have been feeling it for awhile.

Please help.
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Hi .. maybe repost on the dermatology community?  May be some answers by members there? Just a thought,

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Hi, in searching for answers about this, I found you. I am experiencing the same problem for 4 days now and I wonder have u found anything to relieve your discomfort? I have other symptoms but not sure if they are related to this skin thing. If U have any answers please let me know. Thank You
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Sorry to see this 3 years too late.  I believe what you have is called "shingles".  It is a virus related to the chicken pox and it
shows in a circular extremely painful rash around obdomen and
back.  It takes an antiviral med to treat it and pain med (usually
a codeine/tylenol ) to sleep.  I had this three years ago from stress.
It took about 10 days to go away.  I could barely move sleeping!
Stay away from anything that aggravates it such as nuts (arginine
containing). Please look up foods that aggravate viruses too.
Stay stress free as long as you have it!!
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