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Feeling sleepy while driving


I wanted to know, which doctor would trat such kind of disorder as I feel sleepy and also have slept for seconds while driving. Just Last week I had an accident.

Kindly tell us which speciality Doctor would be suitable to cure this kind of disorder.

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If you tell any Doctor this story he will certainly know how to direct you. Avoid driving till you have had Doctor's advice. Best wishes,
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Sounds like a good case of sleep apnea, in which any PCP can order a sleep study. Some other symptoms would be snoring, morning headaches, fatigue.
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ANy General MD should be able to, they will probably want you to have a sleep test done to see if it sleep apnea that is causing your sleepiness during the day hours.  But, a Pulmonologist can help you also. Hope you get some help! May GOD Bless
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For sure, you should not drive before you talk to doc. Good luck, hope you`ll cope with that and that is not a signal of some serious problem .
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Hi, welcome to the forum. Your history is suggestive of narcolepsy or hypersomnia. In this condition there will be excessive daytime sleepiness. In this condition there will be “automatic behavior" such as driving past a highway exit or writing off a page, with no memory of the previous few minutes.

You need to undergo tests like Polysomnography, Multiple Sleep Latency Test and CSF levels of Orexin/Hypocretin which help to substantiate the diagnosis.
Having regular nap for about 20 min during day will help to prevent sleep attacks.

Drugs like Modafinil, Methylphenidate and Amphetamines against prescription can help to increase the alertness during the day and they are esp. useful in excessive daytime sleepiness or increased sleep attack.

I suggest you to go for the further tests. Take care and regards.
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