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I have for years had twitching in my calves. I read somewhere and agree it looks like the movement you would get in a bag of worms. This twitching never turns off it is 24/7. I only feel it when I am sedentary, sitting or lying down. I also have a deep discomfort in my lower legs that makes me readjust my sleeping position . I am only sometimes awaken by this aware of this, although I can most mornings recall that it was happening while asleep. My wife is unfortunately disrupted from getting the sleep she needs, and says my breathing gets more and more shallow until I jerk ,move ,and my breathing then picks up ,and the whole sequence repeats its self. Is this RLS or brought on by erratic  breathing?
My medical history is:Two years ago I had a stent for CAD. I have due to nutritional excellence and exercise  turned my life around. Reached BMI, Almost off all meds, Lipids great. My Dr is very happy with me. I am an avid runner 40 miles per week, resting pulse 44.  51 years old.
                                                           Thank you very much. for any suggestions.
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Gotalive, your symptoms sound very much like RLS except that the leg jerking happens all the time. You may have some severe form, I guess.  There are other explanations for the leg tremors and only a doctor could properly diagnose this.  I recommend that you see your doctor.  It sounds as if your life is becoming unmanageable.  Time to take care of this is now,

Good Luck!

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You mentioning that it happens when you are sedentary makes me think RLS too. You could have more than one thing going on. Your wife's description of shallow breathing till jerking movement also is a description sometimes heard when one has sleep apnea. Depends on if your breathing is abnormally shallow. As the breathing becomes compromised (even if not totally stopped, hypopneas are reduced airflow) it is common for the body to move in an effort to resolve the breathing problem.  But if your breathing during sleep is just normally shallow until the jerks, that's common with limb movements of sleep. RLS can disrupt sleep. Periodic Limb Movement Disorder is sometimes found with RLS and also disrupts sleep, but those movements are rythmic rather than random as in RLS.

A sleep study could be beneficial in identifying your issues.
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You might try drinking GatorAid to replace the electrolites in your legs.  This solved the problem.  I started by drinking 5 cans a day.  Within in a few days there was a significant improvement and was gone after 10-12 days.
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