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Why do i wake up from sleeping seeing terrors?

Hi Guys,

This does not happen to often, but when it does, it happens several times a night, or several days in a row.  I will wake up at night seeing stuff in the room moving.  A shirt crumpled on a chair will take the form of a face, or a pillow might take the shape of an animal.  The thing i see will always be silent but moves around.  It freaks me out!  I will shout at it and nothing happens i sometimes sit up in bed and throw things at it.  I know i am not dreaming because i will go over and turn the light on.  More often i will wake up to see books and stuff kinda moving around or shaking.  My heart will be pounding and it keeps me from going back to sleep.  I am 17, i should not be having this right??  If it helps i sleep-talk and move around a lot in my sleep.  When i was younger i would walk around the house opening doors and talking in my sleep.  If you can think of anything it would be much appreciated.  I would really like to know what is wrong with my.  Thanks for your time,

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Seems strange, have you started doing anything new or to excess?  It may be a reaction form eating too much too late, or worse consuming unhealthy substances.  I would try having a bright flash light at hand and turning it on the objects a quickly as you can.  Do any of the moving objects end up in a different place than you remember them being left in?  Just question, but some suggestions on things to consider may help you, hope so. I consider the problem at least strange, and if continuing you should discuss with your parents or other adult you trust.
Thanks for your reply.  I definitely might be eating to close to bedtime.  It also might be stress.  Through family situations there is a lot of day to day stress.  The objects don't actually go anywhere they just kinda move around in place.  The flashlight is a good idea.  I tried going to a sleep clinic, but they didn't see anything. I did rowing for a year and a half.  During that time, i had this problem almost every night.  I think it is a combination of extreme exhaustion and the physical and mental stress.  It would be nice to know what the exact cause is though.  It seams like it flairs up when i have stayed up late for several nights in a row.  
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