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difficulty in sleeping

why i get so difficulty in sleeping and having dreams of whatever i think as if i was not sleeping and my mind doesnot calm while i lie down on be
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Well you may be suffering with the problem of not getting a good REM sleep. Our sleep mechanism is divided in two main phases that is REM and N-REM phase and most probably you are not able to get enough sleep or having disrupted, this could be one of the reason.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

There is a circadian rhythm for all living organisms. It is a 24 hour cycle rhythm and the biological clock within that individual adapts to this rhythm. If you observe this rhythm, the transition happens gradually, like the daylight subsides slowly into darkness and the sounds too gradually mellow down into the night. These changes condition us and promote sleep. So, nearing bedtime, do not engage in activities like exercise or dancing or other means that can keep you active.

You should stop becoming anxious and try to relax. Try to have a warm bath before sleeping. Have a glass of milk or read a book before trying to sleep. Don’t watch TV or do exercise before sleeping. Condition yourself that you can relax and that you can sleep well.

Also, avoid daytime napping and exercise during daytime to promote good sleep.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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