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mind asleep body awake?

i've heard of this just on the oposite way .. i mean body asleep mind awake...
but that's not my case ... what happens to me is that  my body is full of energy while my mind is tired i can't think as fast other kidds it takes me twice as much to do homework or class work or almost anything i feel "sleepy" but only in my mind and is making my days longer and harder to go through... and i have no idea of why and im not even sure if this has happened to other people so im just wondering if anyone of you knows anything? that would help me a ton
tank you so much for your answers
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Your post sounds like a school age person, you profile shows you as a 97 year old female, which is it?

Sleeping during the day usually means not enough rest while sleeping at night.  Do you have sleep problems?
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yes i know im not 97 im sorry about that..... im acually 17 .
i don't take naps at all i go to sleep at 10:00 and i wake up at 7:00
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Not a problem, I just noticed the inconsistency.  I am old myself, but my mind isn't yet tired.  So, I have trouble relating to your situation at two levels.

Is the "tired mind" been going on all your life, or just lately?  I just lately, and you are getting a good night sleep 10 PM to 7 AM (9 hours) your mind should be well rested.  Assume here you don't wake up often during the night.  Think to, if the condition is new, what you have been consuming and doing at the time the problem became recognized.

I know I can take various amounts of time to accomplish a task, and when it takes longer it is because I am distracted and not focused on what I am trying to accomplish.
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