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sleep paralysis

i have in the past with stress and life changes experenced whaat i suspect is sleep paralysis, followed by a panic attack upon waking, but in researching another topic i made a connection with this experence and post anesthesia issues. i feel that i've had this experience post general anesthsia and am not sure if it was the stress of surgery or the anesthesia.  i also have had trouble with depression post novacaine. any thought from anyone or any experiences would be helpful.
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You have not described your clinical symptoms clearly enough. But from what it seems you have post traumatic stress disorder. You should go and see a specialist and list out your complaints. Before scheduling a visit to the specialist try out calming yourself before you sleep each night - some daily yoga/ breathing exercises, a change in your eating habits by avoiding too much tea/alcohol/ coffee especially close to within 4 hrs of your sleeping time would be helpful. Try reading a light book/ listening to some soft music before you sleep. Get a body massage done to help you relax or take a warm water shower just before going to sleep. Dont eat a heavy dinner. Try these for a week and if these methods dont help consult a specialist.
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sleep paralysis is as such not related with anaesthesia. Reasons can be sleep deprivation, stress and recent use of hallucinogenic drugs. Clonazepam has been found to be very effective in treating sleep paralysis. Please consult a neurologist.
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well, thanks for people's thoughts, this started at the age of 15, prior to any drug use, except the anethsia and any other drugs given to me post-op. Maybe it's not sleep paralysis, but it started after a dream i had, while sleeping on my back @ age 15 (something i read about with sleep paralysis) and when  i awoke i felt that "i hadn't made it back into my body in the right way". this was while recovering post-op @ home.  over the years during peroids of stress, i would have this and wake up with a flight or fight response, one time i made it all the way out of the hotel i was staying in to the street in my PJ's.  over time i learned that when i wake up, if i stay calm, it goes away, i haven't had an experience for the last 25 yrs(after my last surgery) so i'm not concered about persuing this medically now, but i wanted to get ideas from other folks who have sleep paralysis, or ideas from  folks in general.
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I absolutely have experienced the same thing.  I have occasional sleep paralysis, but had my first episode post general anaesthesia.  That is absolutely NOT Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I also would recommend consulting a neurologist.  Sleep Paralysis can be a symptom of Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea or a form of small seizure.  If it is the seizure, there are medications to minimize episodes.    
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its simply astral traveling, you just woke up before you were back.
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