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unpleasant voice while speaking in a large group

I have been to a speech/language pathologist who diagnosed me as having hyperfunction of larynx. I did gargling exercises, etc. and my voice is better except when I'm speaking in a large group.  I do fine with small groups of four or five people but when there are more than that my voice gets shaky and very unpleasant to listen to.  I am a Literacy Coach and I really need to be able to speak in front of our entire elementary faculty.  Can anyone help me?

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Hi Jay, I have this problem also, only I was diagnosed with spasmotic dysphonia years ago. My voice tends to get strained and cuts off in the middle of words when it is at its worst. Most of the time it is minor until I am speaking in front of a larger group. What has helped me a great deal is a prescription of inderal from my doctor. It makes me much more relaxed and I do not get the nervous symptoms such as shortness of breath and trembling. I take it one hour before any public speaking situations. I have also been reading a book on social anxiety which has been very helpful called Dying of Embarrassment: Help for social anxiety and phobia. Natural remedies such as passion flower are helpful too but nothing has worked like the inderal. Help is out there. Good luck!
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Hi jay,

I'm a speech pathologist and I specialize in voice disorders.  Have you seen an ENT?  Have you had a videostroboscopy?  If you have a muscle tension dysphonia and the gargling exercises, etc. helped, then it is likely that you don't have spasmodic dysphonia.  How long were you in speech therapy?  What was the specific diagnosis the ENT gave you?  Please send me a private message and let me know where you live and I'll try to connect you with a team that specializes in voice disorders to get you some help, ok?


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I was not attempting to diagnose anyone with spasmodic dysphonia. I was only offering my experience as a fellow person with a voice disorder. When you do not know other people with similar disorders, as what happened to me when I was diagnosed, it can be very upsetting. Fortunately there is the internet and people can share their experiences and support in forums.
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