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I would like to welcome everyone to Spinal Stenosis Sufferers.  I am hoping that this group will function as a place for people who suffer from the many symptoms of Spinal Stenosis as well as their family to turn to for support.  I was quite surprised to see that there wasn't already a group for us, so decided that it needed to be done.

I ask that IF you have any advice for people that you please try to keep it constructive.  As a user group we CAN NOT post as doctors, but we can offer advice as to what we have tried.  I encourage everyone to post their story.. i.e. how long you've suffered with this, what you have tried, did it work, where the stenosis is located & what you are hoping to get.  

Welcome again & thanks for joining.

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From my experience I had stenosis in my neck, I don't remember the area because it has been a long time. My orthopedic surgeon (and I had to do a lot of research to find this doctor who specializes in this field), replaced the bone in my neck with a cadaver bone and the surgery was successful. I no longer have the pain that radiated down my arm and can function much better now. I have a history of degenerative joint/disk disease and this is what my surgeon did to relieve the pain issues I was having in my neck but it too a lot of research to find the right doctor to treat this area and he has done work on my back also with some success. I also have had nerve blocks which did help but again, read up on their success rate. They help for a while but the nerve does grow back and I may be due for another.
Would be interested in other opinions.
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Do you still work and do everything you did before the surgery?  If so, what is your job?  Just wondering because my results have not been so successful...
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Can you still work at a 9-5 job, Madman?
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