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What is your sacred place

Or place of peace?

When i started practicing meditation consciously i discovered i needed an area to do it. Well i have to have an area but its nice to this. So now my room is a mess exacpt this one corner which i have cleaned for it.

I more found it was nice and every one should have one. So they can clear there head and just be at peace.

So mine has a little 5 dollar water machine on the left side a pillow on the ground and a incense holder to my right. nothing to special but its nice none the less.

So whats yours?

here a link on creating an area
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Well mine is a chair in my living room. Its real big and soft to sit on and I have a hassack (sp?) that goes with it, so I keep my legs up on that and then I get my coffee and my bible and that is where I spend a few hrs a day reading the Word. Usually first thing in the morning- anywhere from 4:30 am on. Yes its nice and peaceful and I look forward to it everyday.
Most times I like it around that time as there is no noise yet in the neighborhood. The other place that I substitute is right on my bed. I always make the bed first though if I am going to read on the bed, unless its reading at night of course, then I am under the covers most times. But yep, always something to drink right within arms reach, most times the coffee and sometimes tea.
Lately I have been making ice tea for afternoon drinks - its so much better if you make it yourself too because you can use the Organic tea bags and organic lemons.
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Thanks for share thats an awesome place but i ust say DAMN 4:30 in the morning i have a hard time getting up at six.

Organic is always better but its so much more costly i wish i could grow the ingredents for tea myself lol.
*drinking chocolate tea right now :D

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yeah 4:30 is early but my husband is up before I even get up and I can't sleep if someone is walking around the house. Men try to be quiet, but usually never are. I love the morning. To me its the best time of the day.  

Yes Organic is a rip off as far as price.

Chocolate tea? I never had that. Can you really taste the chocolate in it? What brand makes it?  That sounds good. I could go for a nice cup of hot chocolate right now with whip cream, but i don't have any in the house I don't think... I have to remember to get it the next time I go shopping..
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Numi makes it and yea you can taste it. Its got a nice smooth taste.  lol its too hot ouside for hot chocolate but i can drink hot tea any time lol.

yes it is a rip but its so much better for you. In so many ways. Never eat none organic potato's. They absorb way to much pesticides

Well at least we try to it means we care :D
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oh okay I will look for that brand of tea - sounds good.

yes pesticides are scary and so are growth hormones in meat and plastic bottles and plastic wrap. I avoid it all.

And now the gov is supposedly going to give Salmon growth hormone. The pics showed the salmon grow to be a huge mega fish! And you know that is not going to be good to eat. More cancer causing food. They say these fish will be contained and not in the streams but if any got into the streams, it would ruin all the Salmon and there goes fish oil capsules I guess and many people take them including me.

Its hard to find safe things to eat. It costs a fortune to buy food without pesticides and hormones. Its ridiculous what people have to spend on groceries if you want to avoid the chemicals.

But yes at least we try, you're right. :)
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In the 1970's there was a "New Age" (as we would call him today" rabbi who was very much into mysticism, and was encouraging young Jews who were doing their "spiritual searching" in Eastern Religions to look at our own 1000 yea plus old traditions of meditation, such as Kabbalah.

Rabbi Schechter encouraged his followers to create a "G*d Corner": a place set aside not just for meditation, but also for the three daily prayers, as well as the bedtime prayers. We traditionally recite certain prayers while facing the East, and there was a long lost art-form of making non-representational wall hangings or art called Mizrachim (Mizrach means "East" - pronounced with the gutteral, like the Scottish Loch - IM is the masculine plural) One hung it on the Eastern Wall, so you knew which way to face for those prayers. (Unfortunately, in my apartment, due east is the corner of my rooms!) He sort of revived the art-form,

He encouraged each person to make it comfortable and individual, and recognized that urban people sometimes have to make such a thing more of a "shrine" that sits to the side all day, until a pillow, hassock or chair is brought over for the meditation. One might want to beautify it with flowers, or light candles or incense during the meditation and prayers.

A few years ago I designed some Mizrachim, and posted them on an art website, along with a short essay on the artform, and a scan of a 19th century printed one. My personal symbolism for "East" is the raising sun out of the water, since I was born and raised on the East Coast of the US. When I made one for my Rabbi's wedding, it wasn't until after I gave it to them that I realized that Rabbi Carter was born and raised in the mid-west.
The symbol was sort of lost on them. But they still loved it.

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lol Well thank-you for sharing i just got learned :D

Sad the symbolism was lost but in art that happens alot since its all about how each person views it.
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They DID get that the raising sun meant the East.

But the next time I did a Mizrach, I used a photo of Jerusalem, instead. It was for my best friend;s new apartment. I had to get the photographer's permission to alter the photo slightly, since he is also a member of deviantart. I edited out some TV antennas, making the sky less cluttered.

Using the Western Wall as a Mizrach is more emotionally satisfying, anyway.

I would suggest for non-Jews a piece of art from their ethnic background that has some sort of PERSONAL spiritual significance as a focus for meditation.

For example: I have a friend who is of Scottish decent, and proud of it. But in his 20's he converted to the Greek Orthodox Church, even spending a few years as a Greek Orthodox monk, but never took final vows.

He had a unique cross made for his home: a metal Greek Orthodox crucifix set on a large plaque outline of the Scottish Cross carved out of wood for him by a friend.  .

After I wrote my posting yesterday, I thought of Japanese architecture: the niche in the main room where a painting or scroll is hug, and a floral arrangement placed in front. Since it is the only art in the room, it is the focus of the room, and a good focus for meditation.
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In the winter time I lay on the floor in the basement in the dark and listen to the boiler.  This helps me relax and let my mind go.  That is my favorite place.  The other is the big stall in the restroom at work.  Work is busy and can be very demanding.  Sitting there and thinking about a Higher Power sets me at ease.  Often times when the nights are comfortable I will sit on the back steps and just listen.  I prefer somewhat quiet places to stop meditate a bit, however I am not always in a position where I can physically get away.  I often take a few seconds or minute throughout the day to stop and remember who is really in charge.  When I do this I find I am blessed with a little more calmness.
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I had a huge emotional meltdown yesterday and felt the "earthquake" effect of them that I had no one, nothing and the wanting to be gone ......realized that reaching for the usual methods of self-medicating wouldn't ease what was going on inside.  I ended up reaching out to G d by being honest how empty, naked and needy I was and that nothing less than He would be able to help me get through the day.

I felt like I was being scraped raw and saw my own emptiness and need for Him to get through the day(s).  No one else could be in His place....He is the Sacred Sanctuary who is simply there....within reach.
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I'm glad to see you had someone to hold onto, and i hope you feel better
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Yay Dazon. I was praying that God would be ever near. We just need to put our hands in Jesus's hands and look into his face that will help us get through any difficult time. Whenever I face hardship I always think that we are treated better than our Lord and it forces me to suck it up a little bit, although it still hurts plenty.

Anyways, keep on keeping on. Jesus is just a prayer away :D
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I wish i could feel that way -_-'
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lol It's hard but taking one day at a time is the most important principal.

I've noticed that we often make ourselves miserable over tomorrow's burdens. What helps is being brave and carrying a cheerful attitude when facing the burdens of today. Today's trust and faith we must have. I thought about how I react to trials and a thought came to my mind that we are not asked to live more than a day at a time. He who gives strength for today will give strength for tomorrow. What a wonderful saviour is Jesus huh! :D
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Such faith :D

I agree though to the principal of it. Tomorrow is tomorrow the problem is you cant not worry to. So it comes to balance yet again.

We must prepare for tomorrow while dealing with today
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But who knows if we would see tomorrow. Worry is blind and cannot discern the future, but Jesus sees the end from the beginning. In every difficulty He has His way prepared to bring relief. Let tomorrow take care of itself.
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Spiritually speaking I try to be happy and peaceful today.  The whole one day at a time thing works really well.  Physically speaking I do try to put away some money for retirement, stock the pantry with food, have enough toilet paper for the week stuff like that.  Doing that kind of stuff makes time to do other things.  However, if needed I would still try to be happy and peaceful if I had to go to the store everyday.  Basically I try not to worry about what life has to throw at me.  I do my best to do the next right thing and be happy and peaceful no matter what.
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We'll yes I agree with you - we need to think of the future in regard to not being lazy. If we pray for something we should believe what we are getting but we are still required to do our share. "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:" Proverbs 6:6. This applies to our food, retirement plans etc.

What I mean is when trial and disappointments come we are not to dwell on it. Pray, act/believe that you have already recieved an answer. Do not carry a face of bitterness. There is no point. Let those difficulties work their way out, God has a plan in all things. Worry never helps.
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I think we're on the same page.  Have a Good one!!!
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Good! Have a good weekend :D
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Great topic!
So interesting to hear what each individual finds to create sacred space.

Used to meditate facing North. That was my consistent rule of thumb. However, in my current apartment, in the little room that is "my space," I have found myself facing East due to the room's orientation. I found that very fascinating after reading Rainbow_Ike's comment. Very enlightening! With that in mind, the image I have on that wall is appropriate: It is a large flower-Goddess image drawn in contemporary Greek style. And i have a little palm plant there as well.

I like to lie on the floor when meditating, I find that my muscles are less likely to cramp up that way. It also allows me to put gemstones over any chakras if I feel the need.

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Continue practicing meditation.  Soon you will find that place is inside of you.  Once found you will crave finding it again.  My first experience felt like I was falling down steps deeper and deeper inside of me.  The peace is nothing you have felt on earth.  Can I always get there?  No.  I especially cannot when I can't breath (I have MS with a lesion that wants to play with my breathing).  However, I have found it during times of pain and have forgotten the world.  Now wanting to be there and getting there?  Doesn't always happen even on a good day and it especially won't come if I keep my mind on wanting to "get" there.  I wish you well on your journey.
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