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An open-ended place to discuss spiritual matters. No question considered unimportant, nor any sharing of experiences. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirituality
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Good morning all; I was born without knowledge or beliefs, but the Spirit of That Which Is Holy had touched me and gave me Life, Mind ...
Being thankful is something that should be part of every day. We are thankful to the East because everyone feels good in the morning...
i posted this before but it really belongs hereand is a way to start the day.
It seems that if you are sick or in pain you would be interested in spiritual information and discussion but no one is. Why is that? Of c...
Hello People! :-) Christianity is my core faith, but I like to learn about other Religions too! I'm dead fascinated about Spirituality,...
Why don't we try to create heaven/utopia on earth? At the core of most belief this is its purpose, to create community and help us ...
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