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I have a stepson who hates me Help

I have an 11 yr old step son who refuses to come to our He's mad at me but won't tell anyone why. My husband thinks it's because I yelled at him a few times. My husband and I argue alot because of things his son does. It's been 3 mths now I've apologized for yelling at him but he still won't talk to me. I have been shunned from family events because he hates me and has asked that I no longer be invited. He called me once and told me to moved out of his house. His dad refuses to address the problem because he doesn't want to upset his kid. But I'm hurting and my husband doesn't see it! Help
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Well, that's not appropriate behavior on your 11 year olds part.  Your partner should tell him that the 'silent treatment' is unacceptable and rude.  And that he is not allowed to be rude to you.  I believe kids can be mad and that a lot of step parents should be secondary in discipline to parents but a few instances of losing your temper and yelling, okay.  It happens.  No one is perfect. As the bio mom to my kids, I've lost my temper and yelled.  I feel bad and regret it and apologize.  That's life. But using silence as a weapon toward you is unacceptable behavior and it is time for your partner to step in for a teachable moment.  Disrespect to anyone is not allowed.  

Stop apologizing, stop paying much attention to it.  Be friendly around the house and ignore how he is acting.  And when he does begin to talk, make no big deal out of it and just move on.  Then when you are a bit down the road, you can say "you know, I'm sorry that I yelled.  I'm working on that."  and leave it alone from there.  But right now, he is not behaving appropriately.  Your partner needs to step in.

good luck and let me know how it goes!
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I've  said I was sorry! His dad will not make him talk to me about it nor does he tell his son it's wrong that he's acting this way. Like I said I have not seen him in 3 months. A week ago he told his dad I'm psychotic that's why he won't talk to me! It's to the poiint that if this doesn't stop our relationship will not make it! I refuse to be treated like this any longer.

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