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Help please

My dad had an upper endoscopy done today and the doctor said he had some white spots in the stomach i just wanted to know what it could be and to be ready for whar come. I love my dad more then anything in the world. My mom had breast cancer about 2yrs ago and i dont want to go threw thar again!
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Hi there!

Well, the cause of the white spots cannot be determined based on visualisation alone. These could represent infective growths, ulcers/ erosions, growths from the stomach wall (benign or malignant) etc. A biopsy may be required to determine the etiology of the white spots. It would be best to discuss situation and the further course of investigation with his treating gastroenterologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Thanks i just worry. But i think the doctor said it was an infection that if not treated to turn into cancer. He is taking some antibiotics. N thanks again for your feed back.
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