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hi my name is susmita. I am suffering for stomach problems. about 8 years. I had got JAUNDICE when I was 10 years old. I was diagnosed and finally I found that I have PEPTIC ULCER. I went to many DOCTORS but it's not working. Yes, I was so much irregular in taking foods and also in taking medicine. I didn't completed my course of any medicine because of my irregularity and my stupidity activities. I have too much gas and my h. pylori is positive. I went to almost 5 doctors but I am not getting cure. My AGE is 17+. I know it's a symptom of STOMACH CANCER. But what will I do now? I am so much frustrated. Will I die?? :(  

Recently I am taking some home remedies like- FRESH JUICE of CABBAGE, GARLIC, CARROT, JUICE OF ALOE VERA. JUICE OF BANANA. Can you please tell me will this home remedies really work for this ulcer?? :-(


1. Abdominal pain (Almost every time. I don't know what is the normal condition of my belly)
2. No Vomiting
3. No Black or Starry STOOLS
4. Sometimes I face Diarrhea If I eat RICH FOODS(but I try to avoid it)
6. Headache

I am so much mentally depressed. What will I do now? Please give me some suggestions.

Here are some of questions below that I also want to know:-

1. Will Home remedies work permanently for peptic ulcer? If yes, then how long it will take to cure permanently?
2. This ulcer is about 8 years, is this is a main symptom of CANCER?
3. Is my pain(almost everytime) normal or abnormal for an ulcer's patient?
4. Is there any possibility of COLON CANCER from this peptic ulcer?  

Please help!! Please... I don't want to die. :( :(
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