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23 months post stroke

It's been nearly 23 months since my wife had a hemoragic stroke at age 54. Day one after the surgeon placed 13 platinum coils (about 14 feet of wire) in her giant anyerisum, she was in critical condition. As she awakened over the next few days, it was obvious she would have issues. Today, she has only one big remaining issue which is the loss of her left peripheral vision in both eyes. This would seem to be permanent. It has been a long road and we still have more to go yet, she has made so much progress based on where she was. NEVER GIVE UP. Search the inter net. Read as much as you can. NEVER GIVE UP. Stroke patients need your help on a daily basis.
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Really good advice!
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did your wife experince swallowing problems, balance issues, motion sickness?  Just wondering maybe what to expect in the upcoming months.  I just hope my mom gets some quality of life back to where she can at least want to watch tv....all she does is sit in a recliner or lay in bed...we talk to her and she talks with us but its very hard to understand her.  She has no eneryg for anything

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Bed is very bad. What doesn't move dies. That's an old vet adage from the farm. She should be sitting in a padded comfortable chair, back vertical, rather than a recliner, although a recliner at times is acceptable. She should never be fed in the recliner, but drinking loiquids is acceptable. A rocking chair is best if she can handle that. Orginally a rocking chair was considered a medical device. It forces the blood back up the legs. It is not useful to most stroke victimns, unfortunately. The problem with recliners is they are TOO COMFORTABLE. My little 102 year old has to periodically adjust herself in the chair and this causes muscle contractions.
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My dad had a hemorrhagic stroke on Jan. 2. 2007   I know I have reached this site two years late, but I  wonder if anyone can tell me if they had a similar stroke.  his was on the right side of his brain and effected his left arm and left leg. he was in the hospital from Jan to the end of march. from hospitals to rehabs. he had a feeding tube the whole time and was finally able to drink water and eat food after 2 months.  he had pnemonia two times (2 pack a day smoker) and his lung collasped once.  He developed urinary tract infections and a blood infection while in the hospital,  He talks pretty well now and is trying to sing.  he can't stand on his own and uses a wheelchair.  he can't transfer from bed to wheelchair, and we need at least two people to get him into a car.  he has pain in the arm and leg for which we have tried many medications, trying to avoid those that make him want to sleep.  he is on a small dose of meds for depression and many for high blood pressure, prostate enlargement, fiber ,cholestrol, and vitamins, fish oil, calcium, cranberry pills.  He is feeling so depressed now and has no appetite.  we are worried and are wondering if more gains can be made after six months.  he has just started to move his shoulder and hip along with his knee sometimes.  we thought that maybe because he had such a rough start it would take more time to make gains .  I would appreciate any response. thanks
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My dad also had a hemorrahagic stroke in May of 2006.  He was 80 at the time.  His left side was also affected along with his short term memort.  He never had a feeding tube.  It has been a long road, but ofter 5 months of hospitals/nursing homes and acute rehab facilities he is at home with my mom and minimal help from caregivers taking care of him.  While he was in the nursing home, they told us he would always need a hoyer lift and that my mom was in denial and would never be able to take him home.  Well they were very wrong.  With a lot of fighting for more therapy my mom finally brought him home.  He continues to improve daily.  He does have some bad days where he gets mean and just wants to sleep, but for the most part he does pretty well.  My mom can transfer him and he can stand for short periods of time.  With some help, he can take a few steps.  We keep hoping and praying that he will continue to improve and some day be able to walk a little with a walker.  It has been a long road.  I wish you the best of luck with your dad.  How old is he?  Is he still in a rehap facility?  Just remember keep fighting for more therapy.  The fighting has definately helped my dad... Keep me posted......
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I have made almost a full recover from a stroke that happen on July 22, 2007 is there anyone out there who has come back? I couldn't walk or hardly talk. I have the abilty to walk now talking is almost back. I had a basal artery stroke.
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Yes, advocacy for your loved one is a necessity!  Keeping active is the key!

Please check out JR's Field Report on www.assistivetherapy.com   This young man did 2 Tours in Afghanistan, came back fine, had a business going, and a fiance before speeding in his Dad's corvette which went out of control at over 100 mph and hit a cement telephone pole.  He was ejected through the roof and into the middle of the road... picked himself up to sit by the curb, walked into the ambulance and laid down.  A golf-ball sized hematoma in his brain caused by the TBI made him flat-line.  He was brought back and laid in a coma for 2 weeks.  Go check out the rest of his story on the 3rd video on the front page of the site.  

On the 1st video, Gabrial has fetal alcohol syndrome and has had several strokes. At age 30 (yeah, he's 30!) he could dress and toilet himself, feed himself, walked with stiff knees, and spoke only 5 words.  2 years ago the family hired an assistant so the State of Florida cut off funding for his Rehab with a professional PT and said that the assistant could do it... they have 10 adopted Special needs kids to handle.  Well, the assistant quit recently and he went back to his old PT who saw such a change in him that he wanted to know what they had done... the only difference is that eVO and Dave talking him through the 45 minute sessions.  He now speaks 12 SENTENCES instead of just 5 WORDS.  Hmmm.... might be something to this thing!
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