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Don't know if I had a TIA or complicated Migraine?

Good evening everyone.

A week ago today (on 11/30/2012) I had an attack that started out as a migraine aura, but then it turned into an attack that resembled a TIA/mini stroke.

I had a migraine-like aura (jagged lines/colors across vision in a circular motion, that starts small then expands larger across your vision until it fades out of your peripheral view), that lasted for about 20 or so minutes. 10 minutes after it passed, I was sitting in my office completely calm, when my heart pumped hard, and the left side of my body went limp and numb. My face drooped and I had to struggle just to yell 'HELP.' I was petrified. What was wrong with me??

I was submitted to the ER. Mind you I am a 160 lb, 5'6" tall woman, 28 almost 29 years old. I have been on Lorazepam .5 mg for years. I have been on the BCP (birth control pill) since 21 so almost 8 years.

The attack only lasted a few minutes. During that time I could not move my left arm or leg, and left side of the face was drooping and numb. I was fully mentally aware during that time, however. They admitted me to the ER, took me in right away. They did not run ANY bloodwork, and took an EKG, which they said was fine, and a CT scan with no contrast. That also came back fine. Since I was fine in the ER, passed the stroke test and all, they released me as just having a migraine aura / complicated migraine with neurological features.

However, my attack mimicked a TIA. I was hoping they would do a full bloodwork but they didn't. The doctor said I was too young, and just to go home.

I had a follow up apt. with my doctor (GP) this past Wednesday (12/5/2012) and she just said it sounded like typical migraine. I asked her about the incident and she said 'migraines are neurological and can cause things to resemble all kinds of weird stuff.' She did say that migraines with aura increase risk of stroke on the BCP.

Is this really the case? Or should I have reason to worry? And what about the BCP? I cannot afford to get pregnant, but even if my beau uses the condom, they do break.... Also, my boyfriend's father just had a stroke/TIA, and now I am even more worried for my own health. Did I have a TIA? Or is it just a weird complicated migraine? My head tells me migraine, but a part of me is scared like heck. And the fact his dad had a stroke/TIA this week right after I had my 'incident' seems to me to be trying to tell me something. But IDK? What do I do??? D:

My mom lectured me when I mentioned getting off the pill. 'You don't wanna get pregnant and you didn't have a TIA, and you are making a HUGE mistake if you stop it!" and got pissed at me. I have no family support if I choose to stop the BCP. But I am scared about getting a TIA or stroke, and I want to decrease my chances, esp. after the scare and after what happened to my BF's dad. What to do?
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Hi I just came accros your post. I had this same thang happen to me. I was sleeping I woke up and my right hand then my arm and then my right side of my face went numb. That lasted about 10 min then I could not talk. That lasted about a hour. They did all the test blood and brain test. All came back okay no problems at all. I was told I had complex migraines.  This happend 2 weeks ago.  I have had a few attacks sense then they are very sceary. I just want them togo away. How have you been with them have you had any more.   Thank you jodie
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Like your doctor mentioned, migraines can cause weakness. But to be cautious, you can check to see if you are a diabetic or hypertensive and keep these under control. Also, check your cholesterol levels and maintain an optimum weight. Exercise regularly, give up smoking and alcohol. And ask your doctor about taking blood thinners.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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