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Post stroke balance problems

I'm 63 and was in good health when I had my stroke 10 months ago. No one's sure what kind of stroke I had since I was skiing alone, but not fast and was wearing a helmet - it completely paralyzed my left side. Hospitalized two months. I can now walk and use my left arm, but the bottom of my left foot feels numb and causes balance problems when I walk. There's some feeling there (I could feel a pencil run along the bottom of my foot) and it's not "drop foot" but walking is still very awkward. I'm out of therapy but go to a health spa regularly and work on leg strength and balance. Is there any therapy or exercise for this?
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I am a sroke survivor who has a buzzing sensation in the left side of my body. It too makes walking etc difficult. I found that if I don't think about what I am feeling or not feeling, and just walk like I remembered I used to, I can walk quite well. I don't know if this makes sense to you, but my Neurologist also said this is a good thing to do. Hope this helps.
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I had a stroke in March 2006 that left the right side of my body with zero strength. I gradually regained use of my right arm, hands and leg after 6 months of extensive physical and occupational therapy.I went back to work 2 months after the stroke, even while undergoing therapy. It was about a year after when I felt a sudden weakness in my right arm, hand, leg and foot. Today it has been compounded by stiffness, a feeling that the hand and foot are swollen and a continuous tingling sensation. I also walk unsteadily and have a hard time balancing. I am taking Baclofen but I am not sure if it is helping me. Note that I did not have this feeling during the year that followed my stroke. Could we be experiencing the same thing? I hope that I can help you analyze your condition. I am seeing my neurologist in the weekend. I will post whatever he says that I may feel important to you. Stay strong.
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see my post on robotic assisted exercise

lokomat therapy can improve balance, coordination and strength
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I work in as an aide in a physical therapy department.  I would try any exercise that involves your ankle and strengthing exercises.  Standing on mats, trampolines, or a balance board is good for this.  Also, try balancing exercises on that one leg such as having someone roll a ball towards you and then you kick it.  Stretch bands are good too.  be creative!
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