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Recovery from a basal ganglia storke

I had a Basial Ganglia Storke on July 26th 2009, on the left side of my brain.  I have recoverd very well in that I am back to work 3 days a week, I drive short distances 10 to 15 miles I have a some speech problems and loss of sensetion in my right hand and foot.

I have been very fortunate that I am in good health and I have recovered very well after thepary and lots of support from my family and friends.

The doctors have not been able to tell me why the stroke occured after to angiograms.

Does anyone out there had a stroke but don't know why it occured.
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I had a stroke also on the left side of basal ganglia. My symptoms have been mild overall. There was a little droop of my mouth, and since then I have experienced a mild lisp --a gets a little harder to speak when I am tired.

I am experiencing a mild sense of lack of motivation..and perhaps a little depression..and tiredness.. Overall I think I am doing quite well for experiencing a stroke.

I hope to recover completely.. Does anyone have advice for rehabilitation? Exercises for speech..and ways to improve mood?

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I have no idea, but am sending you a hug!
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My Step-father, 59ish, had a right basal infarction about a month ago also.  He has some left arm weakness, and a little difficulty with pronouncing words at times, but only I would have caught that because it isn't even that noticeable. He is about to finish his rehab up and feels much better but still complains of being tired often.  They could not find a reason to why he had one also.  They ran every test-all negative.  No heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol.  All they said they knew was sat it was caused by a clot.  Now his father had one when he was his age, but he is 90 something now.  So I guess I didn't really answer your question!  I have the same question myself.. and i'm a nurse.
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