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TIA Question

This site is great.  I just found it and feel better to know that other people are feeling the same things as me.  My question goes back to 11/4/06 when I experienced a small mini-stroke as my first doctor called it. I was in a store and my right side went numb, I felt a rush of churing throughout my body and could not understand anyone for a couple of minutes. (at most) I called 911 and was taken into the hospital and they kept me over night and released me the next day without even treating me as I had a stroke or TIA since my symptoms disappeard after 2 minutes.  You know when somthing is wrong.  My regular doctor said that I had the flu and ran blood work that came back good.  My heart doctor said my heart was fine.
Since them I had about 3 anxiety attacks and am taking Xanax.
With this I contacted a brain specilaist and he scheduled MRI's and MRA's.  He said that it appeard that I had, a small stroke.
I didn't feel comfortable with that so I consulted another specialist.  She just ran the same tests and more blood work and informed me yesterday that now my scan's don't show anything.  What is going on? I have a follow-up with her on Monday but was told by the first doctor that TIA's only stay on the scan for about 14 day's and the second doctors said that it would still be on the scan if I had had one.  I'm having an EEG on the 20th but am totaly confused about how long such TIA's show up on the MRI's.  Can you help.  Also, is it normal to experience what you call spasticity through the body after such an experience.  Can the brain heal itself?
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"Stroke" is not a very useful term. And the MRI's and the Scans are not necessarily any indication of what has taken place. It os very possible for a blood vessel to "spasm" and restrict blood supply, and also possible for a small clot to develop after sitting for a few hours in an airplane that may momentarily block blocd supply causing the kinds of symptoms you experiences. Try not to worry too much. Keep yourself hydrated, exercise moderately, and I am sure your physician has already run tests ruling out clotting abnormalities. If it happens again kust lie down flat immediately (have someone put a pillow under your feet if they can)and ask someone to summon aide. Stop walking or driving immediately. Many people have such events once or twice and never have them again.
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TIA's are mini-strokes that do not always necessarily show up on CAT scan;s or MRIs. They are a sign/symptom of a possible future stroke, but do not worry. See you regular MD, watch your diet, exercise and try to not stress out. Also, do you have high blood pressure? If so, this can result in a future stroke if left untreated.
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