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problems talking even after a mini stroke

I am 49 years old and i had a mini stroke. I regain my memory back athough sometimes i have to wait  and think about it awhile before i can remember the answer. my speech is not clear as i have to struggle to get certain words out an i find myself repeating words a lot. how long will this last or will it ever go away?.I can move all parts of my body but when I bend I am so afraid i will have another dizzy spell and have another stroke. How long will I feel this way? Also can extreme stress bring about a stroke since i had no history of high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
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oh my gosh I have had the same symptoms and today I finally have a appointment,when you say things do you have to think if what you said made sense?I sometimes I dont remember things that In my mind I know I should know.My hearing is also messed up.My husband says I am not the same person anymore.I feel like I have to be careful or I will get dizzy again and it might be while I am driving.also my temper is worse when people talk to me it hurts my head I will let you know what the nuerologist says good luck
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I had my mini strokes, known as TIAs at night whilst I was asleep. I have a fear of sleeping now. I dont feel like Im the same person anymore. Im in constant fear of having a full blown stroke, leaving me paralised or worse. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which is hereditary, as Im a slim 8 and a half stone woman of 48. I have always had a good diet and dont smoke. I have seen a professor of strokes, who has given me more blood pressure tablets. I now rattle with pills for this and that!!!!
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