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questions - please help.


Last Thursday my uncle suffered a very severe stroke. He & his wife live out of state, so I am no longer able to be there with them, but I have some questions that hopefully someone can help me with.

The clot was on his brain stem and it was a type P stroke? (I don't understand what this type is - help?) The doctors told us this type of stroke is the worst someone can have.

Right now, he is completely paralyzed from the neck down. Friday afternoon, he would slightly open his eyes when his wife touched his face while talking with him, but his pupils were unable to move. Now, since then, he has not done anything - and I mean nothing, except for the occasional reflex, no response to stimuli, nothing. The nurses came in to move him (bed sore prevention) and he wouldn't even flinch. Because of this, it looks very much to us, although not yet confirmed by a doctor (it's been 4 days and we're still waiting to talk with the neurologist) that he is in a coma. Is this possible? The nurses say they are concerned he hasn't awaken yet.

His vitals are excellent. He is able to breathe on his own (but due to sleep apnea, he is on a breathing tube). He is also on a feeding tube, and is digesting well. The doctors say the reason his vitals are good & he can breathe/digest is only because the clot was just above the area that controls this.

They believe the paralysis is permanent & there is a very strong possibility that he will never be able to talk or see again. So as you can understand, we are running out of hope. Any help or encouragement is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Nevermind. I just got the call that the tests show he's completely brain-dead. They're taking the feeding tube out.

Delete this thread, please.
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There is always hope so long as he is alive.  However, based on what you have described it would appear to look dim yet, stranger things have happened. The only advise I could give you is to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Anything is possible with the human body.
Best of luck.
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I must have posted my comment as you were posting yours.  I am sad as to the outcome.
I wish you well.
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thank you.

We knew that if it came to this, it would be the best way to go - peacefully. Plus, it just wouldn't have been fair to him to have to endure a living hell day in and day out. Although it'll be hard, it's for the best.
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