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suicidal :(

i am so sad and down i can't do this anymore. i was meant to go back to a psychiatric unit but the younge peoples one is full and i just got told to wait.... wait... i mean how long can i really hold on. i hate this world and all its sadness and evil. i don't want to be here anymore and i am sorry for that. my family love me... i am so selfish but that just is not enough i don't know how anyone can want to live. someone please just help me to know how to hang on until i can be watched and can just feel.
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You hang on by taking each moment as it comes.

If you get really desperate then you need to go to the hospital.
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I know it hurts. That's life. If nothing else, It's life. It's real, and sometimes it f*cking hurts, but it's sort of all we have.  you arent selfish. the world isnt fair.  I know how you are feeling and i know that words are hardly comforting but just know that you arent alone.  And life is f*cking hard....i see your the same age as me...and us being only 17 we dont have a lot of power to change what is happening in our lives.  But hang in there.  Things seem bad, but they always get better at some point.  I could be completely wrong, but i think you once said you were into photography...this might seem lame but have you ever tried taking pictures expressing how you feel? One time when I was feeling really awful and suicidal I walked down the road with my camera and took a picture of flowers stuck in the mud and things like that. and i dont know, it kind of expressed how i felt and then after i took a bunch of pictures i kinda felt better.  
But hang in there...good times are bound to come.
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