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"strangled" above belly button

for a few months now i have these symptoms whenever i sit for a while: about an inch above my belly button i feel like "strangled", like something pushing in and the more i get that the more i get pale on my face.
symptoms end after 30 minutes when i lay down flat on my back.
what could it be please?
plus (but this is something else) i had bowel x-rays and i can tell my colon is very high up to the diaphragm. i mean the decsending colon goes up to the diaphragm then down again instead of just descending. i think that causes me some arrhytmias because i really feel like my heart is squashed sometimes.
p.s. i have severe gastritis and i'm on esomeprazole (nexium) 40mg/day
parossistic atrial fibrillation episodes especially after abundant meals or pizza.
stomach x-ray all ok, no hernia, no reflux.
please help me

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the belly button pain could be a hernia
a CT scan would help make that diagnosis
other useful tests could include a small bowel barium x ray
the high riding colon should not be the cause of any chest or belly complaints
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as i said the pain (if the word pain is correct) is not at the belly button, but it's ABOVE it, about an inch or more, on an area that measures 4 inches width and 2 inches height.
why do you suggest a small bowel x-ray?
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