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Where are all my woman over 40?

Ok was just wondering where we all went.  I'm still trying to conceive and I'm 44....still not sure how I'm going to get PG. I have my TR date, Sept. 17th. I also called Shady Grove( thanks Mel, u know who u are!  Lol) maybe the donor shared risk program, for any of you out there, I have researched donor eggs, really crazy expensive, but Shady Grove has a program that includeds meds, donor fees, you share the donor with 2 other couples, 1 try is 14,000.00 and no refund, but 29,000.00 for 6 fresh tries and unlimited frozen and its100% back if u don't bring home a baby...Super Sticky baby Dust to All Of Us
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Hi There!

I'm still here, but getting frustrated..... just not ovulating.  All I seem to do is bleed and spot, but no ovulation!  I've sort of given up in my head about being able to get pg, but am continuing to track because my cycles are so wierd that I just want to keep track of what is going on.

Personally, besides the cost, I would not be willing to do donor eggs.  I guess the reality is that I don't just want A baby... I want MY baby.  I don't know, just the way I feel.  So I guess I'm pretty much out.  You hear all those stories of women just getting pregnant (many over 43) and it was a total accident, but I can't help but thinking they were probably having regular cycles and not as perimenopausal as I am.

I don't know if you've been keeping track of your cycles to see if you are still ovulating every month, but if you are, you would still have a chance of pg with your own eggs.  The program you are talking about sounds great if they reimburse you if you don't bring home a baby!  From what I know about donor eggs, it would be a pretty good chance you would be able to get pg, so if the DNA thing is fine with you... I would say go for it!!  It's expensive, but a small price to pay if you know that in paying it you will be a mother!

I wish you the best of luck!

I've been following all the ladies on here for many, many months and there just doesn't seem to be a lot of good news, so maybe everybody is just getting a bit tired of talking about it all the time with no BFP's!  I don't know, but it does seem to have gotten a bit quieter.  I guess I don't usually say to much because I feel a bit left out with no ovulation... I guess I kind of feel like there is nothing to say.  I get so depressed about it sometimes when I see everybody in the TTW and such.... I'm certainly not in the TTW very often.  I almost feel like I should spend more time in the menopausal forums, UGH!!  I hate that.  I feel like I'm way too young to be so far in the perimenopausal state!!

Anyway, good luck to you and I hope you have your baby soon!
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Hi Melanie,
I am still ttc and I just turned 41 in June. I recently noticed my luteal phase is short, so I am going back on progesterone this cycle after ovulation.  I found out my thyroid was off, so I started medication to help me conceive.  I have been tying for two years and I feel like IM43 does, not ready to give up hope that my own egg will take.  Unlike many women on this site who have had several m/c, I have not been pregnant, and my dr says because of high fsh. I am taking wheat grass tablets to help with high fsh.  Also, do natural vitamins to help me conceive, but I did do several cycles of fertility meds and I have had several failed IUI's.  I am at the beginning of my cycle, and I am trying to stay positive, but it is hard.
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I'm really new to all this hormonal, luteal, progesterone stuff. I really think I'm going to have my tubes untied, I'm gonna need your help with all the bbt, bd timing etc.  I really don't know how to do that. My Dr says I will be able to start trying 6 weeks after the surgery. I pray for all of you, don't give up! I almost did but all of my medhelp family have given me hope!
SSBD To All off Us
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Good luck to you. I don't know alot but if I can help, I'll be glad too. I hope everything works well for you and you are able to bring a baby home as soon as possible. SSBD to you too!
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Iam still here 44 years old and ttc . I just got my test back for progestrone it was 7.4 much higher than June 3.2. I hope this is the month. DH is now taking maca root with me as well as folic acid. I am taking baby aspirin 2000 maca root 4000 calcium prenatal vitamins with include DHA/EPA. and 50 clomid. Am I missing anything?
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Hi ladies! I'm here, too! But in a bit of a lull with having to taking off two months. :( I am discouraged for sure. The process seems to drag out forever and there does seem to never be much good news. Luckily I am ovulating, but every pregnancy I have is a chemical pregnancy. My belief is that we are all closer than we think. The RE's know that we have issues conceiving, but since they don't know how to fix us, they slap us with the label of DOR, bad/old eggs, perimenopause, menopause, etc. (Iwas told I was in menopause two years ago and I am STILL ovulating now!)

At the end of the day, we each have some sort of hormonal imbalance which does happen more often as we get older. But it doesn't mean that it can't be rectified. One of the best ways that I have read to balance hormones is through acupuncture. Now I know how expensive it is! But it seems to really work! My acu dr had a list of her infertility patients she helped with every problem you can imagine, many with very high FSH, that all brought home their own babies.

The RE's won't even test our hormone levels. That's because they wouldn't know how to treat any imbalance any way. TCM practitioners don't need to test hormone levels per se, because what they do is going to balance everything out any way. I also changed my diet in addition to starting acupuncture. I stopped gluten, refined sugar, caffeine and dairy. In July I did acupuncture 3 times. When I had my lap last Monday, after having had endometriosis for 12 years, it was gone. They found none. Hard to say definitely what did it. But I feel pretty certain the diet and acu played a large part!

It's so easy to get discouraged in this battle, especially when it feels like hope and time are running out. But everyone's body is different. And if we keep trying different things and seeing what works for us, we can start to see some progress. And if we can be really patient, I think we all have the potential to have a positive outcome.

I believe that we all have plenty of good eggs left to be able to have a baby. I also think that the eggs, while they in their resting state in the ovary, are not old or bad or anything of the sort. I think the problem happens during folliculogenesis and ovulation itself, when the egg divides and is supposed to end up with 23 chromosomes. That process, when you have an ovary that's not functioning very well, can get messed up. But the ovary not functioning well is mainly due to two things: hormonal imbalance and inadequate blood flow. (As we've talked about before, supplements to help with blood flow include baby aspirin, fish oil, Vit E, garlic, bromelain, **** quai, royal jelly, etc.)

I was able to improve the blood flow with just a couple of those supplements, so much so that my fibroid that I had for 5 years but never felt started hurting again. So as of Monday, it's gone along with two other small ones. I will be back on the blood thinning supplements this week. The egg development process takes around 100 days, I read. So I plan to keep up the efforts for improved blood flow for that whole time.

My FSH's haven't come down yet, because I haven't been doing all of these things very long. But I KNOW that they will. Taking DHEA worked for me in the past. The blood thinning supplements worked. I just know that it took many years to get my body this out-of-shape and out-of-balance, so it will take quite a while to get it back in shape. It's hard moving ahead with no guarantees. But look, NONE of us are in menopause! No matter how perimenopausal it seems we are at times, menopause is still years away. We have to fight to salvage our remaining years of fertility. We can't just take the word of RE's who just don't know any better b/c they didn't learn about hormone balance in medical school!

Giving up is a personal decision. And I understand anyone who decides that it's time. This is a long, brutal, arduous, painful journey. When you run out of gas in the tank to go on, then you can certainly give up knowing that you fought the good fight. Anyone who can afford a donor egg and is cool with the baby being genetically someone else's, that's great. Sure saves alot of time and aggravation and heartache. We personally can't afford that option. And emotionally I would NOT be ready for it yet either. My sister offered, but she's 40 herself and not the best candidate to donate. I'm also worried about the logistics of that whole idea.

But for those of us that still have some fight left in us, we have to keep searching for what the answer is for our own bodies. Since we're all different, what works for me might not work for you. But we have to keep trying different things. I plan to keep on my gluten-free, dairy-free, low glycemic diet, do acu religiously every week, and take all of my supplements for egg quality and to improve blood flow, and TTC naturally for a couple of months until the DHEA has had its 100 days to work and then do IVF in Nov or Dec, if we're not already pregnant. That's alot to do in the next 4 months! But at the moment, I still have the drive and fight left in me. If we do IVF w/my own eggs and it fails, what will I do? I have NO idea! But I will jump off that bridge when I come to it!

You ladies are all so amazing! I want this so badly for myself and for any of you who want it! All I can do is try to encourage you to be the captain of your own team and realize that you know you body better than anyone else, including and especially your RE. They have alot of knowledge and they are good at all of their fancy ART's, but they are missing knowledge in the important area of how to get our bodies in the best shape hormonally to be able to ovulate good eggs.

I'll leave you with one last thought. This is one of the things that motivates me to keep going and reminds me to NEVER believe the old, bad egg crap. I think this came from Randone Lewis' "The Infertility Cure". She explained that an experiment was done with an older female rat that was not ovulating. One of her ovaries was transplanted into a young female rat. You'll never believe the result! The ovary started ovulating again because the young female rat had good hormone balance as would be expected.

There is nothing wrong with our eggs or ovaries! It's the hormone balance! (and blood flow figures in to all that because it is through the blood flow that the hormones move around the body and between our organs and our brains, so poor blood flow will look like hormone imbalance) Stress, exercise, and diet are all very important contributing factors that we need to strive for balance in. Try to keep the stress as low as possible, try to get some form of exercise even if it's just walking, and try to have a reasonably good diet with as little gluten, dairy, refined sugar and caffeine as possible. Do your best. If necessary, start slow and work your way up with some of these things. We have habits that we've been doing for decades now. It will take time time to change. But if we want this badly enough, we can do it. And it is worth it!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Hang in there!

:) Sherri
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