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What would you do?

What would you do if the person next to you was suffering on the inside?
What would you do if you say someone crying on the street
What if those people ask for you to help them.
What would you do if they didn't.
Every has a story right? But will theres be known.
We create these pains unknowingly its our way of feeding the monster

Poll question: What if had the power to change someone elses life but every time you did it it would cost you 5 years of yours, Would you help them?
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I would help every innocent child I came across.I am a registered organ donor and I'm also on the bone marrow register,I would give my life for a childs life every day.
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Bone morrow wow i know that thats a very painful procedure -_-
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If I can save someones life,the pain would be worth it.
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If this was true, I think I'd be dead by now. lol

But that's the ultimate sacrifice isn't it. To die for someone, so they can live an abundant life. :)
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