Tea Time Cafe Group

Grab a drink and come to a place were you can chat about whatever. You want to tell a story go ahead. You wish to vent be my guest.Want to talk current events well come right in :D . If you dont drink tea im sure we can find you some java.
Lets introduce ourselves I am cloud windgate i have many strong views and am trying to find my path. I enjoy yo write stories ...
WHAT HAPPENS IN HEAVEN WHEN WE PRAY? This is one of the nicest e-mails I have seen, I don't know who the Author was but it is so true:...
What would you do if the person next to you was suffering on the inside? What would you do if you say someone crying on the street Wha...
So who do you think will be it.
lets make a list of soft music here are the ones im listening to now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYoHBH1UOTE&feature=related ...
what is the point what is the point of trying so hard everyone I love is pushed away from me by me by this thing this ...
First part of article: (NaturalNews) What's most striking about the present BP oil catastrophe is not that it is an aberration but rat...
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