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Very High Sex Drive- What do I do?

I am 13. I have an insanely high sex drive, that occasionally is hard to control. I'm still a virgin, but I hate that I end up masturbating so often. I don't really feel shameful about it, it's just annoying when I spend an hour plus jackin' it every damn day. I no longer have a girlfriend, and quarantine makes it hard to get one. Is there ANY advice anyone could give me? I tried no nut november, failed after less than a day, and I tried "No-Fap"---Didn't last an hour lol. So simply NOT doing it doesn't work, and only when I am very focused on something am I able to resist my urges. FYI I live in Arizona so finding random girls to hookup with at my age is not even worth trying in case that was a option- anyway, I just really could use some help.
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Im not gonna lie, Im a girl who "masterbates" almost every night. Im still a virgin and i dont feel ashamed about what I do. What you can try is rewarding yourself every time  you don't do it, and maybe do it every once and awhile. By that i mean possibly once a week. I love friday nights.
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