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Help! I think I might be pregnant!!!!

I have been on the pill for about a year now and this month I forgot my pills and missed the  week. Then I missed two pills in the second week. Terrible I know. My partner and I have been having sex all month. Everyday the week that I forgot to take my pills, without protection. We also had sex nearly everyday the second week. I did not make up my pill right, I just started taking the second week of pills. Now about one week until my period is due I've had light, brown spotting that only lasted an hour. And I've been a little nauseous. I know it's possible to spot when you miss pills and I know 30% of woman expirence implantation bleeding, could that be what I'm expirencing? or could it just be because I missed pills two weeks ago?

I appreciate your help!
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i already answerd this last night on the maternal forum and you didnt respond

heres what i said just incase you didnt look back

"why is it always that girls just happen to forget their pills and choose not to use protection the same days they have sex?

just take a test!"

we cant tell you if your pregnant. only a doctor or a test can do that one.
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i would suggest you take a test.  your period can be off if you miss that many pills and just start taking them again.  also if you know you forgot your pills, you should buy some condoms.  what is your pill regimen?  do you carry them with you, keep them on a night stand?  maybe you should set your sell phone alarm to go off at a certain time eveyrday to remind you to take them?
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I can't take a test until next week and it's  driving me crazy. My boyfriend might be moving a thousand miles away for a few months because of fmaily issues, if he left he''d leave in less then three weeks. I'm just trying to get all the possible information I can. I've had some people tell me there's no way the pill takes months to get out of your system. But I don't know wether I believe that because I know people who have gotten pregnant because they've missed a pill. I know it was so irresponsible, and it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if I was pregnant. I just needed to know if it was even possible or if I was freaking myself out.

Thank you so much
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I have know many people to get pregnant the same month they stop their pill.  In fact I have often heard you are most fertile right off the pill, that your body can drop many eggs that month.  If you forgot to take your BC for an entire week and then even forgot more days, there is a possibility of being pregnant.
However the spoting can also be just breakthru bleeding since you missed so many pills.  Just wait until your period is suppose to come then take a test.
FYI, next time you miss that many pills, the package insert just suggests you wait to start your period...then start your pills afterwards.  Also use condoms next time.
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