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Is there any possible way I'm pregnant? Especially if I'm on the pill?

Okay! So- I am 17, female and my boyfriend and I started engaging in sexual activities about 3-4 months ago. We have been together for a little more than 9 months. I have been off and on birth control (ortho-cyclen generic brand) but for the month of November I have taken them, and didn't miss a pill (however didn't take all of them at the SAME TIME every day) I only missed the last four dark green pills (they contain no hormone so I don't think it matters.) Anywho.. here is what happened;

On around November the 3rd (or 4th) I got my normal period.. two days after, my bf and I got together. He fingered me first, I pulled my panties up, and with panties on only, I sat on top of him and gave him a h-job. When he began to ejaculate I jumped off, completely positive not getting any sperm on me (except for my hands) We both quickly wiped our hands on a pair of shorts.. kissed for a bit, then I went home. That night, (ABOUT 15-25 minutes later) I was still extremely wet. Without thinking, I touched the inside of my vagina with that same hand just a bit to feel how wet I was to see if I had to clean up. My heart dropped and I washed my hands with soap and water. A few days later- I DID THE SAME DAMN THING. Ugh.. anyways throughout that week, we fooled around but I was EXTRA cautious of everything I did. We dry humped, and I engaged in oral sex for him (swallowed)..

ANYWHO.. It is now 2 - 2 &1/2 weeks from that little incident, and I have about a week and four days until my period is suppose to come. (That's what my pills say) Well, my breasts were and still get really sore.. I also felt naseous a few times (whether it's my nerves or what idk) and I had this liquids, water-like and white discharge.. With worrying myself sick, I told my guardians and they both think I'm crazy for thinking I'm pregnant and even say that they think I did something more to be so worried about it. They bought me 2 first response pregnancy tests, and with about 9-12 days until my expected period, I took one and it came up negative with in 3 minutes.. today, I got my wisdom teeth out and the put me under with anesthesia.. I was wondering, could that delay my period? Also, I got more discharge today, but this time it was white, with the consistency of elmers glue beginning to dry and clump. It was still liquidy but contained a few clumps.

I also read online that you could have your period and still be pregnant! How the heck would you know if you were? Should I wait to take the second test a day after I get or don't get my period (when I'm expected?) Is there even anything to worry about? Does this sound like pregnancy.

I really hope someone can help. Thank you all so much. Try to answer in much detail (for my conscious sake) THANK YOU AGAIN. I'm so stressed out.
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Did they give you antibiotics after you had your wisdom teeth removed? I'm asking because some times antibiotics can cancel out your pills. Keep taking your pills but do not have intercourse without a condom. Also, if you and your boyfriend are going to touch each other make sure to wash your hands with soap and water before you do touch each other.
If you took every single one of your birth control pills then you should be just fine. The sugar pills are there to keep you on schedule. Most women just take one out of the package everyday and throw it away. You really should try your best to take them around the same time everyday. An hour or two won't hurt but you really shouldn't be taking one in the morning one day and then taking one at night the next day.
The discharge you're having could be from your pills but it kind of sounds like a yeast infection to me. Are you having any other symptoms like itching or burning? If the discharge keeps up or if you're having any symptoms see your Dr to be tested for a yeast infection. They're not that uncommon and can easily be treated with medication.If you're on antibiotics that can cause a yeast infection.If you do have one your boyfriend might need to be tested too because women can pass them to their partners some times.
Try not to worry. Since you're on the pill you're most likely not pregnant.The pill is to keep you from getting pregnant. Worrying could delay your period. If by chance it is late you can take another test even though it's most likely going to say negative. If it says negative make sure to start your pills on time.  
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Instead of being in doubts and having panic attacks here and then, you should just check it through pregnancy test kit.
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