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My first pregnancy

Well i found out today that im 9 weeks pregnant...my partner just broke up with me 3 days ago.
I told him today and he wants nothing to do with it. He wants me to get rid of it.
I dont know what i should do...as im only 19...I no there is heaps of people that have kids at my age but im really scared and i feel like i have no one.
Is there anyone that is a similar situation ?
I could really use the advice from anyone.
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you have 3 options. you can have the baby and raise it (my mother was a single mom for 20 years of my life....) you can have the baby and put him/her up for adoption (there are so many couples who are infertile and would love to have a child) or you can get an abortion. do NOT do what your ex wants  you to do you do what YOU want to do. do what YOU think is best for the child. that is what you need to think about right now...that child who is growing inside of you. not what your ex thinks or wants. this is completely your decision. have you talked to your parents? they would be a great support system. i didn't get pregnant as young as you but i was still young. i was 22 when my dh and i got pregnant. at one point in the pregnancy we were faced with a hard choice. when we got our genetics testing results back it was foun that i carried a gene that causes autism. our genetics counselor suggested abortion. in fact she really pushed for it. i was 22 weeks pregnant when we found out that our boys could be autistic. we had a week to make our decision. my dh and i talked for hours and hours and hours trying to decide what to do. while we talked (he was in wash. d.c at the time) we just looked at the sonograms of our precious little boys. despite the fact that they could have been autistic we did not care. they were our babies. we forgo having an abortion and went on with the pregnancy. they're now a year old.

just know that no matter what your decision is it will be ok. if you decide to raise your child you will always have your parents. you don't need a man to be a good mom. (my mom is amazing. she's always been the strongest person i know...even through our tough times.) your family will always be there for you. if you decide to go with adoption there are so many different types of adoption. if you want to be involved in the babies life you can do an open adoption where the new "parents" can send you pictures and even schedule play dates so you can still see him/her. if you do a closed adoption you won't know who has your baby and won't be involved in his/her life but you could always look for him/her once they get older. and if you go with an abortion.....well....you know what happens with the abortion. if you do decide with the last option talk to other women who have had them done fist. get their experiences before you make a decision. i know one girl who uses abortions as a means of b/c and she has no remorse what so ever for killing her babies. i know another who had one done 6 years ago and she is still devastated about it. she can't visit me (i'm always with my twins) without bursting into tears. she regrets her decision every single day and has to go to therapy 3 x's a week for her depression and mental issues she has since developed.
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i dont think u should get an abortions go look up abortions on google and askjeeves.com that will change ur mind very quickly.(images) and if u give it up for adoption ur always gonna think about that baby. but if u rasie it on ur own without him i promise he would wanna see his child after he or she is born. u amke the choice that u could live with!
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