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Hi names brooke, im 17, and i am pregnate. have been for 14 days so far. well i think i am. Ive had all the symptoms.
i didnt start my period. but i did start bleeding lighter in color spottier blood. may -14th-08. and i sually start my period like Real close to the end of the month. im on birthcontrol. WELl my boyfrind busted in me. AND i most deff think i have been pregnate for 14 days. I took a home preg. test yeserday may-27-08 and this morning. BOTH cam eout negative. i looked online and it said, its not always true. WELL yesteday i was only 13 days preg. and it said You should usualy wait till 14 days For  a result or what ever. well i read on my untructuins your suppost to leave it under while urninating for 5 seconds then place it on a flat cerfice. well i did that , sept i held it under WAY longer then 5 seconds, bc i forgot. BOTH times i took the pregnacy test. Do you think that could be the cause of it being negative?
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i doubt your pregnant. your on bc and your had two negative pregnancy tests yes your supposed to pee for 5 seconds but i dont think women sit there and really count it out. i held mine under for 5 seconds. ou shouldnt let your bf *** inside of you. and you should be having protected sex.. your prob just a little off. bc ca do that sometimes espeically if you forget one or dont take them at the same time.

go take another test. or go get a blood test.
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well i feel pregnate. i mean ive had a miscarrige before. and ive had serveral symptoms. and i shooda started my period like 6 days ago.=/  i knwo protection. I know. we should have yes i know. but im saving up my tips i get from my job, i got 4 dollars so far. AND imma buy another preg test. , and posisbly just incase. ill tell my mom I think i might be. and we can go get checkout froma doctore. and if im not,. then it will be a relife.disapointed but relived. bc im not ready to be a mom. im only 17
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just because you feel like you are pregnant* doesnt mean you are. your on the pill. if your not ready to be mom the use a condom. go get a blood test.

what symptoms do you have other than your boobs hurting and you being only 6 days late
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Are you under any stress? That could delay your period. did you miss any pills? My cycle got screwed up because of medication, antibiotics I was on and I forgot one days pill so I had breakthrough bleeding. I bleed for almost two weeks and stopped the day I should have started my real period. I didn't start a new pack and I should have on the 18th or 19th. I feel pregnant but I am not betting on it. I am looking to buy a new car and I can't afford that and a baby! But I am emotionally ready for a baby if I am. I can afford it, but its not something I am trying for.

I wouldn't think you are pregnant because youre on the pill but it is possible. The first time I was pregnant those were the only symptoms i had. But I wasn't on the pill then. Good luck. I would retest and if its negative get into the doctor.
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naseua, headace,somtimes pains cervix area, sleepyness, fatigue,cravings,peeing constantly. my stomach is kinda gettin bigger, one of my frans had a baby, and she said, she can tell im starting to bloat, er what ev. AND Yes i take the Pill. but there not protected you from getting pregnate 100%. i read somthing bout implantaion, thats why i bleed on the 14th, when i usually start my period clooseer to the end of the month. Like i should have started my period 6 days ago.
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well I mean, i didn't skip, but we did have sex while i was bleeding. [on the 14th, when i was talking bout how i was spotty diff color bleeding. and it was only for  3 days. and blood was a light brown color. but uhhh. i stopped taking my pills since i think the 16th or 17th of may, because just incase i am preg. i dont wana harm it. ive already had a miscarrige once, i dont want it to happen agian. Gah i feel like imma trhow up right now. and i have the worst headace. i ate plenty today so im not hungry. well i am but i ate dinner already.uh. i think imma wait a few more days then take atest, and if it say pos. then ill tell mom, and even if its neg. ill tell mom. so she can take me to get check.out
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