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Tiny cyst on scrotum

I just recently noticed a very small, firm lump (painless) at the bottom of my scrotum.  It is NOT attached to either testicle - it's actually in between the two, just under the skin of the scrotum.  It doesn't move at all, so it appears to be attached to the scrotum itself.   My initial online research seems to point to a cyst of some kind.  Does this sound like anything I should be immediately concerned about?  I have an appointment for a checkup in March, and would prefer to not bother having it checked out any sooner, assuming nothing changes in the meantime.

FYI, I am 27 years old.
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This sounds likely benign, such as a tunica albuginea cyst.
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It is hard to tell from your description. If the lump is not attached to the testicle then then it is most likely not a testicular cancer, although only a doctor can tell for sure. Perhaps it is more of an ingrown hair or something that you are feeling.

As always, I recommend getting any irregularity checked out sooner than later because if there would be testicular cancer involvement it is almost 100% curable at state I and not so easily treated at later stages.

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