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Recent and Older Lab Results.....Need input

Hi everyone, I'm including 3 different thyroid and Vitamin results and would like everyone's take on these "older" and "newer" results. Little background....thyroidectomy 2yrs ago (pap cancer) surgical menopause 15yrs ago (ovarian cancer) I also have autoimmune disease and take immunosuppressive drugs to treat and aside from 50lb weight gain since thyroid removal and psoriatic arthritis flare that has left me crippled for better part of these past 2yrs I'm pretty healthy.

I'm curious if I could benefit from more T4 or could actually benefit from a reduction as I'm sure Endo will "highly" recommend the reduction.

I'm currently taking Vit D supplements and Magnesium.

May 2018 I was on taking 100mcg synthyroid and 15mcg Cytomel in June 2018 reduced to 88mcg and 15mcg Cytomel and from August 2018 to Present I'm on (2 grain) Armour Thyroid.

MAY 2018 (Results)

TSH: 0.116 (0.27-4.20)

T3: 105.7 (80-200)

FT3: 2.95 (2.0-4.4)

FT4: 1.29 (0.93-1.77)

JUNE 2018 (Lab Results)

FT4: 1.00  ng/dL(0.93-1.7)

TSH:0.533  mcIU/mL (0.27-4.20)


Vitamin D,25 Hydroxy: 39.6 (29-100) Taking Vit D

Vitamin B12: 1343 (232-1245) I supplement

JAN 2019 (Results) includes iron,Magnesium,Vit D and Folate, inflammation results

TSH: 0.186 (0.27-4.20)

T3: 102.9 (80-200)

FT3: 2.86 (2.0-4.4)

FT4: 0.97 (0.93-1.7)

FOLATE: 17.27ng (4.6-34.8)

Vit B12: 1118.0 (232-1245) I supplement

Magnesium: 2.4 (1.7-2.6)

Vit D, 25 Hydroxy: 29.4 (29-100)

Iron: 122 (37-145)

Iron Binding Capacity: 275 (228-428)

Iron Saturation: 44.3% (15-50)

Iron Binding: 153 (112-347)

Ferritin: 43 (13-150)

C-reactive protein: 0.26 (0-0.5)

ESR: 27 (0-25)
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