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11 months since total thyroid removal and i still cant sing

I had my thyroid completely removed 11 months ago. My talking voice was hoarse at first but has stabilized. I still cannot yell. My ability to sing is gone. I feel like i am singing and that my muscles and everything are doing it right but the wrong tones come out. It is usually pretty mo otone when i try unless i sing like a man baritone. I used to be a soprano. What can i do to get my voice back? My surgeon knew i was a singer but that information did not make it to the anesthesiologist. When i woke up, my uvula was ripped and bleeding and the back of my throat and tonsils were bleeding as well.
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The vocal nerve most likely got damaged during surgery; it could be because the calcified nodules are harder to remove or you happen to be within 4% of the population who have their voice nerves embedded in thyroid tissue.
You need to have first digital stroboscopy done to diagnose ability of vocal cords to move and go from there.
12050003 tn?1423146527
I know that i may never recover my ability but is there a chance that i could? Are there solutions to repair damage?
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