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Hi , I’ve been having like flutters of my heart for a few months lately and did a thyroid blood test as I thought it’s to do with my ha...
Male, 65, hypothyroid for 13 years. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, afib. Five weeks ago I switched from Armour to Liothyronine/thy...
I have hypothyroidism. Does anybody have feelings like there are bugs crawling all over your body? This is absolutely maddening! It ha...
Which is better for follow up for hyperthyroidism? Is it TSH or FT4. I have Graves’ disease for over 10 years and am currently on carbima...
My mother is a 58-year-old Pakistani woman who underwent thyroid surgery in 2021. Following the procedure, she began experiencing a burni...
Regrowth of a removed gland What would be the chances of a tyhroid gland that has been parcially removed 20 some odd years ago growing...
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