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Would like some thoughts on my daughter’s labs done in April and May. Thank you in advance. April 5,2024 TSH: 2.78 ulU/mL (Ref. Ran...
Hello Everyone I think, by now, most people know that MedHelp is closing. I know some pages have banners that say so but they aren't ...
Ok here goes my story sorry if its long. Around spring of 2011 I noticed that i was shaky alot and my mom is a nurse and so is my twin s...
My recents results are: TSH .187 -- Range .82 - 1.77 T4 .72 -- Range .82 - 1.77 FT3- 2.1 -- Range 2.0 - 4.4 Do these numbers see...
TSH with reflex to FT4 1.1. Total FT3 total 61, range 76-181. FT4 TYROXINE TOTAL 8.6 range 5.1-11.9 Worsening, weight loss
was diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism started .025 mcg levothyroxine side effects to get over took me 9 weeks went back to dr for ...
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