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Hi, i have found some great articles and info on hashi's. Please read these. I myself know i have a problem with a candida sensitivity reaction since whenever i eat antifungal supplements, yeast, things made with yeast (vinager, MSG, most b-vitamins), grains (shares particles with yeast), smoked or dried foods, fish that has been fed grains(contains grain particles), and milk (shares particles or contain grain particles). What happens to me is that i get cracking joints in an hour. If i continue eating these things, eventually my joints will start hurting many times. I also get strange symptoms from my head if i lay down to rest after eating these things. These problems also take about an hour before appearing. It feels like an electrical surge or like my brain is falling backwards. It's a really scary feeling. Sometimes my jaw starts moving back and fro when this happens too, i can not control it.

What i have found out from searching the net is that when we make antibodies to yeast or things that look like yeast, we also somehow attack our thyroid or thyroid hormones. Getting rid of the yeast hypersensitivity that way gets rid of hashimoto's. What do you think guys? Please read and comment! I know there is lots of info, maybe too much, but i dont want to miss telling you anything.

Anyways, here are the info and links. Enjoy!

The first link is about a doctor talking about the relationship he has found between candida hypersensitivity, hashimoto's and fibromyalgia.

This is also a great link to look at about the relationship between celiac disease (only gives stomage problems in 20% of cases) antibodies and candida antibodies. As i understood it, both of them can also attack the thyroid and other parts of the body in a person with the hashimoto's gene since they share some common building blocks.

Here is some info on how gluten and candida antibodies can cross-react and induce the same immune responce. That is hashimoto's and sometimes fibro for those that carries that gene.

Here is a little info on low thyroid

"Candida albicans can increase the presence of protease enzymes that may affect receptor
sites for thyroid hormones on the cell membrane's surface. No receptor site, no thyroid
hormone interaction with the cells. This could look like thyroid resistance, sort of like insulin
resistance. Your body would produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone, but would
be effective due to not being absorbed by the cells.
A liver over-burdened by toxins may not conjugate thyroid hormones properly. This
could be another side-effect from systemic candida toxicity.
I have heard that as much as 85% of thyroid problems are due to an autoimmune
component. Since most autoimmune is believed to begin in the digestive tract, this can
another link." - http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=1396010

It's a fact that many patients with fibromyalgia have symptoms similar to those who suffer
from hypothyroidism. Yet thyroid tests on most people with FMS reveal that their thyroid
levels are normal. BUT some experts believe that the underlying cause of FMS is a problem
called peripheral thyroid resistance. Studies by Dr. John Lowe have found that as many as
40 percent of all fibro patients have peripheral tissue resistance to thyroid hormone. To
support the connection between thyroid resistance and fibromyalgia, they point to the
many gibro patients who have been successfully treated with the same treatments used
for hypothyroidism.
- http://books.google.se/books?id=lZO76--tu9UC&pg=PA277&lpg=PA277&dq=thyroid+resistance+candida&source=bl&ots=6--VzNXtjB&sig=KWbvFPmgVUzCuk1eW_lqmdhZUbs&hl=sv&ei=sCBDSruYM4TFsga-3s0L&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2

.."Every cell in our body depends on two thyroid hormones, T3 and T4, for regulation of metabolism. When blood levels of T3 and T4 fall, the pituitary gland produces thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), which signals the thyroid to produce more T3 and T4. Once the blood levels of T3 and T4 increase, the pituitary gland decreases its TSH production. In people who have peripheral thyroid resistance, cells lose the ability to recognize thyroid hormone and become resistant to normal thyroid hormones in the blood. The cause of this resistance remains a mystery. So even though the communication between the pituitary gland and the thyroid is perfectly normal, resistance to the hormones slows metabolism in the peripheral body tissues. The result can be fibromyalgia or other conditions that resemble hypothyroidism."

It isn't easy to determine whether a patient has peripheral thyroid resistance, especially since blood tests will reveal that thyroid hormone and TSH levels are normal. Often, in fact, the only way to know for sure is to treat the patient with progressively larger doses of T3. When patients are treated with high doses of T3, the TSH levels drop precipitously. Many physicians may find these low levels alarming, but they are not typically harmful if the dosage is raised slowly and the patient is closely monitored. Treatment will then reveal whether a patient did indeed have peripheral thyroid resistance. Those who do not, however, may develop a condition called thyrotoxicosis, or severe hyperthyroidism. Thyrotoxicosis can be dangerous, which is why any patient who undergoes this treatment must be closely monitored.

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I will read also... I am very interested in this information. I have Hashi's and have a son with an unexplainable seizure disorder, and a daughter that died from SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death of an Epileptic Patient). I am desperate to find the cause of my children's disorders and I believe that this Hashimoto Gene could certainly be the culprit!
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I will read all this later in the day! I am a Hashimoto's sufferer and am interested in the articles. Thanks
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Oops i see i posted the same link twice.. this is the real link:

Here is some info on how gluten and candida antibodies can cross-react and induce the same immune responce. That is hashimoto's and sometimes fibro for those that carries that gene.
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