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Bad teeth and thyroid

Had braces for 3 years when I was younger and learned to take REALLY good care of my teeth, and always have.  Have been prone to cavities anyway and b/c of brushing too hard have worn away gum at gum line.  Not major problems.  Until recently.  Tonight another huge piece of tooth broke off!  Have had to have one root canal b/c tooth was there and then suddenly fell apart and now I have 2 more that have done the same thing.  But I haven't even finished paying off dr for root canal and haven't gotten the crown for my root canal tooth b/c the dr cost me a fortune.

So am wondering if this is all b/c of thyroid?  They seem to be rotting from the inside out and I don't get it.  Is there something I need to tell the drs, dentists, or endo about this?  I take calcium most of the time, but have had a couple of kidney stones and am not real crazy about taking it in big doses.  

They don't even hurt until this falls off and then OW!  Am getting ready to take a pain pill and go to bed.

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From what I've read on other boards, it seems to be farily common for thyroid folks to also have bad teeth.  I've got the same thing.  Take care of my teeth, gums are in great shape, but my teeth crack at the least little thing.  Mom says I have my grandmother's teeth, which makes me think maybe this thyroid thing didn't come out of the blue after all.

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Hi Dac,
Lost all my top teeth at 23, bottom at 35. Teeth broke off, and had to have lots of dental work previous to that but it never lasted, my body rejected the root canals, so have worn denture for years. I do believe it was thyroid releated, sas I had taken excelent care of them and had alot o dental work.
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Never connected the two before, but I had similar problems with my teeth cracking right before I was diagnosed with Graves.   Hmmm.......
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Interesting.  I don't have major teeth problems but both of my parents did - they were both in dentures by the time they were in their 30s.  My mother's teeth continued to decay & get cavities despite good oral care so she finally elected to get all of them pulled.  My father's jaw kept eroding & depositing crystals in his gums that made it pull away from his teeth.  He finally got them all pulled while he still had enough jaw left for dentures; he was told all his teeth would fall out anyway by the time he was in his 40s and by then he wouldn't have any jaw left to fit dentures to.  My mom has 2 autoimmune disorders, all of my dad's sisters had thyroid problems (one of them so severe her reproductive organs never developed correctly) and I have underlying Grave's so I wonder if they're all connected.  Never thought about it.  One more link in the autoimmune chain for our family, I guess.

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Past 5 yrs I have had numerous root canals (3 in a row on one side) and crowns and dental bills, too.  I started out with deep deep cavities from gumline decay as you describe .. I was shocked .. my dentist asked me if I was a soda or juice drinker during the day and/or sucked on candy alot bcz sometimes that causes the erosions you describe and my answer was no to both.

I bought an Oral B ultrasonic (sonic power) toothbrush and it has helped tremendously with future erosions!  Just had checkup and after 1.5yrs since last one I am cavity free!  That, after 3 root canals last year as many on board recall.

I have had "normal" thyroid functioning so they say ....... but perhaps a bit subclinical but not off the wall #'s indicating hypo.

On the kidney stones my Uro only recommends one type of Calcium supplement and that is Citracal as it doesn't bind as readily to the stones ... but he only wants me on that in the event a bone density test shows I clearly need it  ... I haven't made any recent new stones so I wonder if that still applies but when I was pregnant I chugged Mylanta by the bottle bcz of gallstones and I do wonder if the calcium carbonate fueled the stones that developed after pregnancy ??? we'll never know.

Good ? ......
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I have been wondering the same thing, I had braces when I was young also but now you would think I have NEVER been to a dentist.  My teeth are horrible and I do brush and brush correctly only to find more cavities and like you say huge chunks gone.  The dentist a while back told me I was not brushing right, I would love to go tell him...YES I WAS...Ugh the thyroid is so hard to deal with.
I have also had kidney stones I had to have them crushed twice last February and March.
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Right now I have two teeth that are broken. Both in the back.  Was told when I was younger that I have soft teeth...whatever that means but havent had too many problems until about 3 years ago. Figured my age was finally catching up with me....now Im not so sure......

TOLD YOU- I had one of my stones crushed and ended back in the hospital 2 days later...they left a chunk too big to pass....did you have any problems with either of your stones afterwards?
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I had my check-up last week and they said they are fine. I had a lot of tooth decay when I was child, but we had well water so I didn't get as much fluoride as other people did.
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Oh, good something else!!!  Just about the time I think things are going to get better now my teeth are rotting out of my head b/c of this stupid disease!  

Man, I'm a real catch.  Don't know what keeps men from coming to me like moths to a flame!

Sorry, pity party right now.
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That's funny.  Citracal is the calcium I take.  Started taking it when I was pregnant when the leg cramps started, so it is the one I have always taken.  Tried the other ones, but they mess up my stomach.

Also use the same kind of tooth brush as you!  ha  I am a cola drinker, but have always used tooth pastes to strengthen my teeth and mouth washes, too.  Never was crazy about the whole whitening stuff, don't figure anything that eats away enamel is real good for your teeth.  I also brushed quite a few times a day when I had braces and never could stand to have dirty teeth, so I do brush frequently and not hard and with really good tooth paste.  Also have always had the ridges down the middle of my teeth and dentists say that is a sign of really strong teeth.  

This is soooo depressing.  After the first post I went and had a small break down and had to come back to finish post.  Just seems like this disease has taken such a toll on me and then when I think maybe I'm getting better and on the mend something always comes along to knock me back into the reality of thyroid disease.  People are always complimenting me on my teeth.  They are straight, but not so much so that they look fake and they are really healthy looking.  Not shockingly white, but really healthy.  So now this.  yeah

Sorry to be such a downer.
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Hi all,

I dont write this to upset you - BUT I have to say that I don't agree with the thought that bad teeth and thyroid are related.  OR skin cancers and thyroid.  This is my personal opinion - you don't have to agree.  Here's why I think this though;

As we get older IT IS FACT that more and more health issues arise in ALL areas (even as early as our twenties and thirties).  The older you are the higher risk of cancer (any) you have, the older you are the less likely you are to have all your teeth, the older you are you are highly likely to have some degree of cardiovascular disease (which is often silent and goes unnoticed).  Obviously this is not a comprehensive list but many many diseases or conditions are age related.

The 'obesity epidemic' is something that many of us here (statistically) are also struggling with - I am too.  It's awful to say but the more body fat you have the higher risk of cancer you carry.  If you are overweight you didn't get there by eating too many fruit and vegetables - so you'd probably have a higher chance of having bad teeth too.  The 'obesity epidemic' has sent the numbers of people suffering Diabetes through the roof - diabetics carry a high risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, poor wound healing, neuropathies and peripheral vascular disease, infection, kidney disease, eye problems, digestive diseases, depression, shortened life expectancy and poorer quality of life.

How many of you are a cola drinker (or other soda's) like Dac?  Sorry Dac, but you highlight a seperate but very important point.  Our diets today are terrible for teeth.   Most of us have a high calorie, high sugar, high fat diet and some of don't even know it because it has become such a 'norm' for our societies.  

By the way - How many of you floss twice a day, between every tooth?

We are living much longer than our ancestors and because of this we are dying of different causes and living longer with a much higher degree of disease.  Did you know that as we age our jaw and gums will naturally shrink just due to the ageing process?  Clacky, ill fitting dentures are a virtual norm in aged care homes - here they are too expensive and the waiting list is too long for new ones.

I can't (personally) even begin to entertain the thought that my thyroid is to blame for extra stuff as well as the known complications.  For me, if I did think that way I woud feel powerless to effect change in any of the areas I thought my thyroid affected.  

We all have other health issues and battles - many of them we will have in common as there are many common afflictions of belonging to the 20 something to 50 something age bracket (I'm assume most of us fall between these ages).  And then the majority of users here (and sufferers of thyroid problems in general) are women.

To sum up my little rant: Dont blame everything on the thyroid!  
It's just not at fault!!!  Innocent until proven guilty!

This is not meant to be personal in any way - I really just wanted to put another opinion out there.
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Dart Frog... actually no trouble at all afterwards well to be honest I didnt even know I had kidney stones, I was having alot of health problems and my PCP decided to do a bodyscan from the chest down and thats when they found it.  They decided to crush it before it crushed me...LOL..I just know I had one but I didnt hurt at all with it.

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For someone who didn't want that to be taken personally in any way you sure went out of your way to make sure that it was.

You need to learn to speak for yourself and not the world at large.  You "assume" a lot more than you "know".  And until you know all of us I think it would behoove you to quit assuming anything.


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I already said you didn't have to agree with me - I made it clear from the start that it was my personal opinion.  I'm not offended that you don't share my views.  Makes no difference to me.

Must I agree with your opinions to add to your thread?  If so, you should have made that clear.

I've been on this board longer than you obviously think.  I'll behoove how I like thank you.
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Did not say that you were not entitled to your own opinion.  They are welcomed on here and I don't have a problem with that.  What I have a problem with is you assuming that b/c the majority of us on here are over weight we eat nothing but junk food and drink pop all day.  If you had read most of our posts you would see that most of us did not have bad weight problems like this before thyroid disease and most of us don't have much appetite or eat that much.  AND most of us have gone on to try and starve ourselves to death anyway to lose the weight and try to exercise as much as we can stand and still the weight doesn't come off.  You may have been on here longer than me, but you obviously don't pay attention to all the struggles that almost every one here goes through with the weight issues and thyroid.  This is where you assume you know all of us and our habits and you don't.  And I for one and would think most of the posters on here would not assume anything of any one else that they did not know.  And I would think becoming a nurse you would know by now never to assume anything about any one's condition whatever it may be.

My side of this argument is over with.  Post whatever you like about me from now on and I won't respond in any way.  This forum has been my saving grace and I would not do anything to jeopardize being thrown off of it or alienating any one else.

173351 tn?1201217657

You have read more into my post than was stated or intended.  I can't help that.  

What I said was a generalisation about society as a whole - the issues I spoke about are well known and are affecting all western countries... but I still stuggle to see how you took these ideas on as a personal assumption.  You did - and for that I am sorry.  As stated this was not the intention.  

Weight and weight loss are intensely personal and emotional issues.  Combine weight issues with thyroid problems and we are all fighting an uphill battle.  

In NO way did I or do I think that all overweight people or anyone here just "eats nothing but junk food and drink pop all day" - those are your words NOT mine.  YOUR ASSUMPTION.  

I stand by what I said about our western diets - we eat highly processed foods every day and do not give it a second thought.  Our forefathers ate from a much simpler menu and physically worked a lot harder.  How is that personal?

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I think if we can accept JeniPeni's post that she has clarified her opinion as generality and not personally intended we can move on with the thread and know there are varied opinions on the matter.  I think both posters have such added-value on the board I dont' want see either one stop posting ... it's ok to go back and forth and disagree ... but both of you are such valuable assets to this board I would hate to see this disagreement escalate any further.

Now, don't "shoot" the peacekeeper ??? ok ????

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I'll jump right in there with you, Cheryl.  I agree that both posters are of great value out here, and would hate to see either one stop posting.  Please also remember that when you post on a forum like this, it's very hard to read any kind of "tone".  What one may take offense to, another doesn't.  I've seen it happen at work a lot with e-mail, which is why I tend to do face to face or phone if it's a sensitive topic.  

Just my 2 cents....whatever that's worth.

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I'm not going anywhere.  Guess I did take it a little too personally.  Just seems like someone is always on me about my weight, especially my family.  And no matter how hard I try it will not come off.  

Am also taking this problem with my teeth very hard.  Seemed like the one thing about me I could still be proud of the way they looked and now that is gone, too.

Just get so tired of it all.  sigh

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I feel for you, girl!!  I battle the same problems.  My weight has always been a struggle.  Even more so now.  As for my teeth?  They've always been bad.  I've got numerous crowns and more to come.  All the back ones have huge fillings that are old - which is why they're now getting crowned.  You'd think that since they all have been filled or have crowns, there wouldn't be room for any more cavities.  Not so!!  One thing I've found to really help is one of those waterpik things to replace flossing.  I can't believe the stuff that gets blown out from between my teeth with that!!  The dentist has seen a lot of improvement in my gums since using it too.  

Chin up, and for don't lose that goofy sense of humor of yours!!  That'll get you through if nothing else does.

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Waterpiks work better than flossing?  I'm so excited!  After having braces my teeth are so tight can still hardly get floss between them, even the waxed stuff--which I think is nasty.  So my teeth stay continually sore from flossing.  But if I don't.......BLUCK!!!!  

Think I'm gonna have to go to wally world tomorrooowwwwww!!!  Need one of those waterpiks.

Wonder if that would help The Grinch blow all those nasty termites out of his teeth?!  lol

Have most always had a problem with my weight, too.  Have never been able to eat like other people and am still very conscience of what I eat and how much.  Probably mentioned this before, but my husband and little boy are tooth picks!  They eat non-stop!  My son will actually wake up crying in the middle of the night b/c he's so hungry.  Had to add cereal to his bottle when he was 2 wks old b/c all he did was scream from hunger!  So I have to try to balance all the fiber, veggies, and fruit with enough junk food to keep weight on them.  Is sooooooo disgusting!

Don't get me wrong am glad my son took after my husband instead of me!  But I sit here eating nothing, drinking diet something while they eat like pigs!   NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR!!!  But whattaya do?
Gripe and complain on here obviously!

Sense of humor still intact, just MIA for a while!

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I still have problems and I floss daily so do the best you can.  

I wanted to mention that you still can have great teeth bcz after all is done they can do some minor bonding if you want maybe?  This is what I had done on my front teeth to even them out in length and some bonding is done on the gumline down along another front tooth and is bonded the same color so doesn't reveal the filling!!!  Now that I have mega crowns (caps) they don't have cavities in them and look like new teeth LOL!

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Yes, those Waterpiks are awesome.  I actually have one that's made by Interplak, and it works beautifully.  My teeth are really close together in the back too.  I have to get the "thin" floss, so that it doesn't get stuck and break in there.  The waterpik thing has put an end to that!  They're quite cheap too - I think around $20-$30.  Well worth it.

As for the weight?  You sound a lot like me.  My fiance is very thin as well, and it ticks me off to watch what he eats!!  You're a little younger than I am, but we also have that "over 30" thing going on, and from what I hear it gets worse after 40 and 50.  From what I hear, stepping up the aerobic type exercise is the key.  Yippee.  I can't say that I love to exercise.  In fact, I don't like it at all!!  But I did join Curves a few years back and really liked that.  I was in and out of there in 30 minutes flat.  I had to stop because of the boys' baseball games, but am really thinking of going back after my RAI and thyroid meds kick in.

Keep up that great sense of humor of yours!!

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TOLD YOU- so you had kindey stones but didnt know you had them...AND they didnt hurt at all??  well thats not fair!!! LOL. Girl you have NO idea how lucky you are!!! :-)
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