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Bio-Identical Hormones

Hello there. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos. I have struggled with low thyroid since my teenage years but the symptoms had become very bad and i went in to have my levels tested only to find that my antibodies were through the roof.
The medical group that discovered my diagnoses has put me on bio-identical thyroid hormone and I went ahead and moved forward with it, as I am pretty desperate to feel better.
But now I am nervous that I am getting into unchartered territory. Obviously this is an alternative approach. I am only 26 and wonder if I should be putting these hormones into my body. Anyone out there tried this method? Ws it successful? Just looking for insight.
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My antibodies were in the 590 range. Apparently they should be under 35... thats what I've been told. I am on bio-identical T3. I had previously been on Armour but apparently that is what my body started producing antibodies towards, so I've had to come off of that. I feel OK. The first week off of the Armour I noticed that i was very fatigued, highly emotional and anxious.. but that could also be due to the fact that all of this is a bit overwhelming.. and its hard when you aren't sure if you are doing the right thing. I am making an appt. to see a good endo here in California to get a scan of my actual thyroid.
I'm wondering if I may have developed the Hashimoto's because of the Armour and maybe I should have stayed on Synthroid? Its all very confusing...
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To get a better perspective I would perhaps get a second opinion from a main stream medical practice - like an endocrinology office .  If they back up what you're doing, it will at least allay your fears and enable you to continue on this path.

Honestly, I've read negative things about this approach to thyroid disease.  I'm all for alternative, herbal and natural, but from what I've gathered it falls short when it comes to thyroid disease.

Would hate to see you have unforeseen problems down the road.  Good luck.
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Hi, I'm curious, what were the actual numbers for your anti-bodies? And what is the name of the bio-identical thyroid hormone you take?
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No, but I would love to hear more...  How long have you taken them and how are you feel on them?  I don't have Hashimotos, but I do take Synthroid for the absence of my thyroid, and to suppress the cancer that took it from me.  How did you find these people and this drug?
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