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CFS/Hormones and hypothyroid related plz

The reason im asking is because when i went to see the endo the other week he diagnosed me to have Chronic fatigue syndrome, but the reason i went was about my leaky boobs, sore breast and nipples and hair fallen out my TSH fluctuating too plus i gave him a few other other symptom too which was related to my hypothyoidism.. I asked him how he got that diagnosis and he he say there related but to be honest i dont think it is because he just wanted me out off the room and wasnt interested..
Plus i mention that i was worried about my ferritin levels which is low at 18 but in range. and could this be the reason why my hair is falling out and he said no it because off CFS..

How True is this
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I agree with redheadaussie...a CFS diagnosis is a great cop out (I have a different word for it, but this is a family forum!).  "You're tired all the time, and we can't find the reason for it, so we're going to label it and stop trying."  

Several years ago, there was an AACE recommendation to change the TSH reference range to 0.3 to 3.0.  This recognized the fact that the original "normal" population contained many undiagnosed, but symptomatic, hypos and many asymptomatic patient's in the early stages of Hashi's.  0.3-3.0 is a more reasonable scale, and by that, your TSH is hypo.

However, TSH is a very poor indicator of thyroid status.  TSH is a pituitary hormone and a very indirect measure of thyroid status.  FREE T3 and FREE T4 are the two most important thyroid hormones, and their levels are much more important.

You might persuade your GP in UK to run FT4...FT3 will be a little more difficult.  Is going private an option?    
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Thank you.. Looks like i will have to keep fight these gp's in uk.
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Prolactin may be high due to hypothyroidism. I think your hypothyroidism and ferritin should be treated.
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i mean wanted me out off his room
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Im not pregnant, havent had any children beside 3 miscariages which last miscarriage was 4 yrs ago.. :(
The leakiness is clear and white.
Which i know my ferrtitin in low but in the bottom off the range.
These are my recent blood results.

Serum TSH - 3.8 mu/L (0.2-4.0)
NO T4 yet again
Serum Vitamin B12 - 279ng/L - (145.0- 914.0)
Serum Folate - 7.0ug/L (3.0 - 14.4)
Serum Ferritin- 18ug/L (15.0 - 290.0)
serum C reactive protein level - <4mg/L (<=10.0)
HbA1c level (DCCT aligned) - 5.0% (4.0 - 6.5)
Haemoblobin A1c level (DCCT aligned) - 31 mmol/mol (20.0 - 48.0)
Liver functions
Serum total bilirubin level - 8umol/L (<=21.0)
serum alkaline phospatase level - 66 iu/L ( 30.0 - 130.0)
Serum alanine aminotransferase level - 28 iu/L (90mL/min/1.73*2

Plus i had a MRI scan on the pitutiary glands and they said it was normal,
Im hard tired i cannot sleep what so ever..
To be honest i dont think th Consulant wanted me in his room..
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Hi, I am going to ask a million questions, just to get it all straight.
You say you have leaky boobs, have you done a pregnancy test? Have you stopped breastfeeding, or had a child within the last year?
Is the leakiness clear or white or blood tinged?
Having leaky boobs can mean your prolactin levels are up and this can be caused by a pituitary gland tumour (never cancerous by the way, just a pain in the butt!) Often that can cause thyroid levels to change as well.

CFS is just a great title to say you are always tired.(often a great cop out for doctors!) This too can be part of a thyroid and/or pituitary issue.

Was the ferritin test done with hemoglobin and red blood cell testing at the same time? Low iron (hemoglobin) is not the same as low ferritin. Whilst they both are indicators of iron issues they perform different tasks in the body.

Hope this helps and you can answer these so we can find out more for you.
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The link.

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I'm sure that you will get lots of response from other members.   In addition to the info I posted to your other thread, I just wanted to give you this link.  Note the several references to CFS,
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