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Can this be thyroid related?

I don't have insurance, and have been to see the doctors at my local county clinic this past week, but they barely looked at me and told me to take benadryl, but that has not helped. I don't think this is strictly allergy related.
I've had certain symptoms recently that lead me to thinking I may have some type of thyroid problem.
First: I had this feeling like a lump in my throat for about 5 days now.  It really hurts to swallow, and the doctor didn't even look at my throat.
Second: My lips have swollen up a few times this past week (the lump in throat feeling started first).  And at least twice in the past 5 days, my whole face has swollen up.  Once my fingers and arms felt swollen, too.
Third: My right leg has started to feel tingly and numb all the time.  It feels like its been 'asleep' and that pins-n-needles feeling is constant.  This feeling makes it very uncomfortable to put weight on that leg.  It is only my right leg.
Fourth: And this has been an ongoing problem, but I just recently figured it may be related to everything else, not just a seperate condiditon -- Insomnia.  I have had trouble falling to sleep, and/or trouble staying asleep, off and on for about a year, now.  I never really thought much of it, figured it may be stress-related, but maybe it goes along with the thyroid problems?
Does this sound like anything anyone here has gone through?  Does this resemble a thyroid disorder?
I don't know how to get these county hospital doctors to investigate this theory of mine any deeper.  I do have asthma, nd the minute I mention that in relation to any of these symptoms, they just chalk it up to allergies and put me on more allergy meds.  But they are not fixing the problem, and I don't have any other signs of allergies (itchy/runny eyes, nose, etc).
Any help and/or advice will be greatly appreciated!!
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Ask for a thyroid function test.
I'd bet my last dollar that it is thyroid related.
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